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Oh my god! Temuera Morrison will play Boba Fett in The Mandalorian Season 2

May 8th, 2020 by Marc Comments

Holy crap! Word has just come out that Temuera Morrison will be in The Mandalorian Season 2 as none other than the greatest Mandalorian of them all… Boba Fett!

The actor played Jango Fett, the father of Boba Fett in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and, since Boba was a clone of Jango it makes sense that Temuera Morrison would play the older Boba.

The Mandalorian takes place approximately 32 years after Attack of the Clones, so the age lines up pretty well… it’s just a pity that Daniel Logan, who played Boba in the movie – and has since played him in The Clone Wars – won’t play him as the actor has long petitioned for returning to the role for a long time.

Fans will recall Boba was hinted at – or, well, we all believed it was Boba – in the episode The Gunslinger in The Mandalorian Season 2, so this is very exciting news.

But it makes me ponder a few things too… firstly, it is now confirmed the yes, Boba Fett survived his fall into the Sarlaac Pit in Return of the Jedi.

But it also has me wondering… since Boba was the DNA template for the clone army – as seen on Attack of the Clones – could we see Morrison also play Captain Rex (he has commented on it before)? The image below was published by Clone Wars showrunner and co-showrunner of The Mandalorian shortly before new broke (here) that Rosario Dawson would play Ahsoka Tano – who has a looooong history in Clone Wars and Rebels with Mandalorians – in The Mandalorian:

Could this be Filoni hinting at not just Ahsoka but Rex returning? Afterall, we know that Rex is (probably) still around in return of the Jedi and was on the forest moon of Endor (here):

And one final thing… Sam Witwer, who played Galen Merrick AKA Starkiller in The Force Unleashed games hinted that Dave Filoni’s nod to the game means that it may lead to something in the future (here).

We know two things about The Force Unleashed (which is now not canon thanks to Disney): Firstly, the third game never happened and secondly it would have featured Boba taking on Starkiller after their meeting in the second game – something the fans were very excited for – now, could showrunners Filoni and Jon Favreau be looking at bringing Witwer back as Starkiller and might we see the story wrapped up? Essentially bringing Starkiller back to the Star Wars universe?

We know that Witwer and Filoni are good friends, so we can always hope…

Of course, we almost got a Boba Fett movie not so long ago (here) and don’t forget it seemed that Star Wars: Battlefront already hinted at Boba’s survival (here), but it’s great news that the coolest bounty hunter in the universe is coming back.

Whatever happens, with Boba Fett making his official return to the Star Wars universe alongside Ahsoka Tano, we know we have a lot to be excited for.

Let me know what you all think…

The Mandalorian Season 2 arrives in October and it cannot come soon enough!

Source: THR

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