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Shocking new Doctor Who teaser lands

July 4th, 2014 by Saxon Comments

So far we’ve had the Tardis getting a bit explodey-wodey in the two previously released teasers for series 8 of Doctor Who, and this third trailer – justy released today – sticks to the same formula.  Except now with electricity thrown in there.  

Yes the Doctors magnificent time ship is really taking a battering in these promos isnt it?  But so is the Doctor himself, after receiving a shocking phone call – literally – a bolt of electricity races up the telephone wire and into the time lords binary vascular system.  Plus we get some dialogue, with a rather nasty voice proclaming that they can see into his soul.  Its clearly a Dalek – or something Dalek-like, with some fans speculating that this series could see the return of Davros.  But I guess its just a case of the old fashioned “wait and see” exercise.

Overall the teaser is very dramatic and manages to excite without giving almost anything away or in fact any actual footage from any of the episodes so far.  Unless the Tardis actually does explode and the Doctor does take a major zapping.  Which would be cool.  Electrocution is cool.  Oh hang on, wrong incarnation…

The Doctor returns on August 23rd.

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