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SPOILERS Doctor Who series 8 titles image leaks

August 7th, 2014 by Saxon Comments

As random Whovians may know, the Doctor Who world tour kicked off today, with fans getting a chance to see a screening of the first episode, Deep Breath, a full two weeks before it airs.

Naturally with this came the possibility of spoilers, and thanks to one sneaky Imgur user, a snapshot of the closing credits for the new series has made its way online.

As ever it has the classic time vortex look, with a green and blue colour scheme.  The ring pattern around it has some fans comparing it to the end credits from The Day of the Doctor while what seems to be Galifreyan text in the centre evokes the look of the clockwork elements seen in the proposal video we reported on a few weeks ago.  Now that’s not to say this will be exactly how the opening titles will look, as in the past the end credits animation has been of a somewhat different design to its opening counterpart while still retaining certain elements, so expect the series 8 main titles to feature a theme very similar to this.

Personally I like the look of it.  Its definitely Doctor Who, and seems to be much neater and crisper than the titles from the recent series.

Deep Breath is set to air on BBC 1 on August 23rd.

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