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SPOILERS New Doctor, Same Screwdriver?

March 27th, 2014 by Saxon Comments

Thanks to a YouTube video we have some behind the scenes footage from series 8 of Doctor Who which includes a look at the sonic screwdriver Peter Capaldi will be using and a new villain from the 3rd episode titled “Robots of Sherwood”.

First up here we have the 12th Doctor sporting yet another outfit after being spotted wearing his regular costume with white and black shirts.  Looking at his orange overcoat Im guessing this is some form of disguise the Doctor is wearing to investigate the deadly robotic menace.

Next up thanks to this close up you can see he is still using Matt Smiths sonic screwdriver, so maybe we wont be getting a new sonic after all.  Besides, David Tennant used the same sonic design as Christopher Eccleston, while in the classic series the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th Doctors had similar looking sonics, so its not uncommon for more than one Doctor to use the same device.

And finally here we have the big bad – a titular Robot of Sherwood.  The illumintaed blue eyes look great and im sure it will make a great action figure – in 5 inch scale, of course…

Finally here we have the video itself, for your viewing pleasure.  Because we’re nice like that.

Doctor Who returns later this year.

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