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SPOILERS: We think we know who Zoom really is in The Flash Season 2

February 17th, 2016 by Shane Michael Comments
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Could the terrifying Zoom on the CW hit TV show, The Flash actually be Wally West???
There have been a lot of theories floating about on who the enigmatic bad guy in The Flash Season 2 is, ranging from Earth-2 Henry Allen to an alternate version of Joe West but I have found a few clues that it may actually be the recently discovered son of Joe West and brother to Iris, Wally.
Last week, on the episode ‘Welcome to Earth-2’ we saw Barry wake up in a cell in Zoom’s lair. Situated across from him in another cell – and wearing an iron mask – was another prisoner. Producers have said that this character wasn’t just thrown in and is a very important clue to the unraveling of Zoom’s identity.
This got me thinking and I immediately drew parallels to the ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’ tale.
Many theories have been put forward about the prisoner jailed in France in 1669 and kept in an iron mask. Many of the theories believe the iron mask was to keep the prisoner’s identity secret because he was actually the identical twin of King Louis XIV kept incarcerated so he couldn’t have any claim to his brother’s throne.
Could this be why Zoom is keeping this prisoner’s identity secret? If knowledge is power and this doppelgänger’ identity could lead to the defeat of Zoom then it makes sense it’d keep it secret.
Notice the actor’s hands. Clearly a black actor so we can narrow it down to a few characters already on the show assuming that the reveal is going to be an already established character which producers will want to surprise viewers.
That leaves Joe and Wally West. It can’t be the Earth-2 version of Joe who *SPOILERS* died in the same episode. This leaves an alternate version of Wally as the prime suspect.
I also believe producers have been seeding clues since they introduced Wally on Earth-1 this season. In a recent conversation between Iris and Wally, Iris confronted Wally about his illegal street-racing and Wally replied that he was ‘addicted’ to the speed. Who else do we know who is addicted to speed and obsessed with stealing the Flash’s speed?
Am I right? Let us know in the usual ways…

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