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Steven Moffat talks Doctor Who Anniversary concerns & the future of the show

February 21st, 2013 by Saxon Comments

Steven Moffat recorded an interview for last weekend’s Gallifrey One convention and the video is now online.

A wide range of topics are covered and he is clearly aware of the concerns lately. Here’s some choice quotes:

On the 50th anniversary:

“A lot of things are going on. Don’t believe the nonsense about one 60-minute film. That is complete nonsense!”

On 2013 Christmas Special:

“Of course there’s going to be a Christmas special. Santa will also visit your house. Yes, all is as it was.”

On the Ice Warriors:

“Mark Gatiss had been pitching the Ice Warriors for a while. I wasn’t tremendously persuaded. I thought they were maybe the default condition for what people thought of as rubbish Doctor Who monsters: things that moved very slowly and spoke in a way that meant you couldn’t hear a word they said. I thought maybe that was the definitive rubbish one. But then Mark came up with a couple of very clever ideas. It’s an absolute cracker of an episode.”

On whether the Master will come back:

“I think there’s a danger with giving the Doctor an arch enemy like that. It’s sort of limiting and a little bit cartoony. I thought Russell T Davies making him a complete lunatic was really, really brilliant. I did think he sort of ended that story. [Bringing him back] comes down to one thing: do you have a great idea or not? But it’s certainly not off the table.”

Moffat on arcs and Series 8:

“I’ve just started planning the next series and I’m going to swing [the arc] a slightly different way again.”

On Russell T Davies returning one day:

“I do keep asking him. Do you imagine I don’t! I get really resentful if I hear he’s written anything that’s even vaguely around the Doctor Who area, because I’m saying ‘bring it over here!’ He’s the best writer breathing in TV. I’d book a holiday. The offer is continually made, but i’m getting nowhere. I think he did his duty so he’s maybe wanting a nice long rest from being a writer.”

On Matt Smith’s future:

“[He’s staying] forever! For the rest of time.”

On bringing back the Zygons

“Who knows? Well I know…”

See the whole thing below:

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