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Stone Cold Steve Austin isn’t impressed with Arrow’s Stephen Amell’s Summerslam appearance

September 6th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher 1 Comment


Guest stars in the WWE are nothing new. Over the years we’ve seen countless stars from Mike Tyson, Pamela Anderson and even presidential candidate Donald Trump grace the squared circle as guests, announcers and performers.

The latest of these was Arrow star Stephen Amell, a self-described wrestling fanatic who made his in-ring debut as a guest on the recent WWE pay-per-view, Summerslam (here) where he teamed with WWE superstar Nevile against bad guys Stardust and King Barrett… and won.

It’s also no secret that fans hate celebrities getting involved in WWE, so much that boos and negative chants can be heard ringing around arenas whenever they happen. This time however, WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin has been slamming Amell’s appearence on his popular podcast.

The former WWE Champion voiced his opinion on the latest episode of his podcast, The Steve Austin Show: “I just don’t like the celebrities coming in there, the squared circle, and being able to compete at any level with the guys in the business [pro wrestling],” You’ve got to protect some integrity of the business. I don’t care what day and age or what year it is.”

He went on to add speaking of Amell: “It was what it was, but I just got a hard time seeing that kid come off with that crossbody on the top rope on two WWE guys down there. It was for a shoot embarrassing to those guys to have to go out there and do that with the actor guy involved, but that’s on a shoot level, so it was an embarrassment to the booking and I felt bad for those guys because they were in that role.” 

It seems Austin is blaming the whole thing on bad match-making by the WWE and that it should never have happened.

What do you guys think?



Source: Comicbook

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