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Suicide Squad Returns To Arrow, New Pic Shows New Team

February 6th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

Suicide Squad

Of the many things Season 2 of Arrow did right, bringing the Suicide Squad to life was one of them! True, the inaugural episode wasn’t too memorable, but just having the Squad in live-action was amazing. And now, we’re set to them return truly to our TV screens.

In episode 18 of this season, which will be titled “Suicidal Tendencies”, the Squad will be back, complete with Lyla and Diggle. Dig himself, David Ramsey, posted a pic of the new Squad on his Instagram account. As you’ll notice, Deadshot is back, but so is Cupid, who appeared earlier this season.


It’s also rumored that Amanda Waller will return, but no proof of that yet. For those who remember the original version in Season 2, you’ll notice Bronze Tiger is missing. Was he simply not in the shot? Was his skills not needed for the mission? Or did something else happen?  We’ll find out later this season.

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