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The CW DC TV shows news round-up! Arrow! Flash! Legends of Tomorrow! Supergirl!

August 31st, 2016 by Marc Comments

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Man, if I had known as a kid that TV would be this awesome for comics fans – particularly, in this case, DC fans – I think my young head would have exploded!

As we get closer to the return of Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and now Supergirl, news is just arriving all over the place and because we love it as much as you guys, we’ve been scouring the ‘net (that’s still what the kids say, right?) and hauling all that’s worth knowing into one, easy to access post.

So, without further ado, let’s get in the Arrow-verse.

First up, it looks like The CW have arched there limit of new shows – for now.

CW President Mark Pedowitz, says: “There are no real discussions about any more superhero characters. We have built a universe where we get to see all of these characters interact with each other and we’re proud of that. But at this time, there aren’t any discussions for adding anything else to that.”

“When Supergirl became available, I picked it up immediately,” Pedowitz added. “It is now a part of our universe thanks to the Flash and the crossover from last season. It fits. It’s now very much embedded in our DNA and we’re proud of it.”

We certainly can’t be angry about the reduction in expansion for now, after all, The CW took a chance on Supergirl: “It probably won’t hit the numbers that it was getting on CBS. But if we get six million viewers out of it, we’ll be very happy. We expect it to be one of our top shows this fall.”

Supergirl season 2 premieres Monday, October 10 on CW and we know we’ll be tuning in. Will you?

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Flash villain The Top has been cast for the upcoming third season and he will be a different take on the character as this time out he is a she and will will be played by Ashley Rickards.

Rosalind “Rosa” Dillon, a.k.a. The Top, is set for the fourth episode of season 3. The Top has the power to make people’s heads spin – literally

Executive producers Aaron and Todd Helbing have revealed that this episode will be a busy one as it is an origin story for Mirror Master, played by Aquarius’ Grey Damon, and will also see the much-anticipated return of Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold: “It’s kind of the origin of Mirror Master…We’re really excited,” said Aaron.

“It’s the origin story of him, but it’s this struggle between Mirror Master and Captain Cold and you get to see who comes out on top,” Todd added.

The Flash season three premieres Tuesday, Oct. 4th

In Arrow news, it looks like the now familiar flashbacks are a thing of the past: “This is the last year of flashbacks” executive producer Marc Guggenheim said: “It’s going to involve Oliver’s introduction into the Bratva. He’s basically recruited into this criminal organisation [in Russia]. In the present day, he has recruits of his own. He’s a trainee in the past and a trainer in the present.”

As for the possibility of crossovers between shows i.e. seeing characters appearing in various other places: “There’s a lot of time travel shows this year,” he said.

However, most exciting – and bizarre – he added about the musical episode (here): “There’s only one time travel show where Victor Garber will be singing ‘Edelweiss’ to a bunch of Nazis. That is happening on [Legends].”

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'Jessica Jones' TV series premiere, New York, America - 17 Nov 2015

Arrow will see Human Target arrive in Season 5 with Jessica Jones star Wil Traval (above) likely to play the hero: “A professional bodyguard and master of disguise who assumes the identities of those targeted by assassins, the character (aka Christopher Chance) will appear in Episode 5 when he takes on a new client: Mayor Oliver Queen.”

Arrow returns Wednesday, Oct. 5th.

And speaking of Arrow, it seems that a new villainous archer is set for season 5: Prometheus, who will have a big connection to Oliver’s past.

Executive producer Wendy Mericle said of the mysterious character: “It does tie back to Season 1. I will tell you that it’s going to be a shock to Oliver to find out who this guy is and what his backstory is. We really wanted Oliver [Stephen Amell] to have to reflect on who he was when he came back from the island. Specifically, also what legacy his father had left — his original mission. The thing he says when he comes back is ‘I want to right my father’s wrongs.'”

Prometheus’ alter ego is called “James” and is “a contemporary of Oliver’s who is extremely charming and charismatic. He has a trauma in his past that set him on a quest for revenge. Considering how kill-happy Oliver was in Season 1, it might be hard not to side with James at least a little bit. Oliver killed kind of a lot of people, and some of them probably deserved lighter sentences than being shot to death with arrows.”

Remember it looked like Olver’s secret identity The Hood died in season three and The Green Arrow is a different hero (as far as the citizens of Star City know)? Well apparently this season Prometheus will reveal the truth of The Green Arrow’s prior murderous identity

Mericle also teased that Oliver isn’t the only character with demons this season as Diggle has to deal with the death of his brother and Felicity struggles with her role in the nuclear destruction of Havenrock.

While some of us are still reeling from the whole Zoom/Jay Garrick twist last season, it looks like, with Flashpoint causing chaos this season, we may see his return in a big way.

Barry’s actions [last season] that stopped the villainous Zoom (Teddy Sears) from destroying the multi-verse, also created a time remnant of The Flash. This attracted the Time Wraiths, who appeared to transform Zoom into the Black Flash. While the season 2 finale did tease the idea that Zoom is now Black Flash, there was no clear confirmation, leaving fans wondering if Black Flash would return for the upcoming season.

Now executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says that was quite deliberate: “Obviously we did that on purpose. We love working with Teddy [Sears]. He’s such an amazing actor and amazing person, and was so much a part of the success of this show last season. There aren’t any immediate plans for that, but you can’t keep a good Black Flash down, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing him in the future.”

So Zoom, Hunter Solomon, really is Black Flash now – a character in the comics who is pretty much the Grim Reaper for speedsters who sends them to the Speed Force when they die.

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Feast your eyes on your first look at Flash’s enemy Magenta as she’ll appear in this season, played by Fargo’s  Joey King.

A teen with a troubled past, Frances “Frankie” Kane is a meta-human with the ability to control metal… but her powers come with a dangerous side-effect, causing her villainous alter ego known as Magenta to emerge.


The interesting part of this is that in the comics Mirror Master, Dr Alchemy and Weather Witch were a group of villains called The Rogues, so we’re wondering if perhaps we’ll see that happen in the Flashpoint part of the third season?

In more fun news, Executive producer Marc Guggenheim tweeted a new photo of the Atom (Brandon Routh) wearing a new, samurai-style set of armor while riding on horseback.

Feast your eyes…

So where will the Legends be next season? Well, here’s what Guggenheim had to say about the second season: “The show has so many challenges, and certainly one of them has been that the show can be anything, so what’s it gonna be? That’s one of the reasons why we approach the season by figuring out, what is the team’s mission statement? What is the raison d’être of the show?” he said before going on. “Once you have that structure, that does help narrow your focus.”

The show takes place six months after the defeat of Vandall Savage at the end of Season One and the Time Masters are gone, meaning that the Legends of Tomorrow are now the time police of sorts:  “We planted the seeds for this, at the end of last season,” Mark explained.

“The Legends appointed themselves because we knew we wanted them to basically be acting as time cops. That’s fundamentally what they’re doing, and that structure, while loose, helps focus us.

“There is a season-long mythology and a season-long big bad that we’re building up to, but unlike Season 1 of Legends, it’s not where you’re starting. It’s something that slowly unfolds, and there’s an element of mystery to it. In that sense, it’s a lot more like Arrow and The Flash are.”

But what about the fact that we have the Legends, the Legion Of Doom and the Justice Society in one series? Isn’t that a bit, you know, mad? “The way we’ve been handling it is that you’re not going to see all three teams in one episode. We’re not going to cram everyone together. We would have a lot of people. We want it to not feel like an overwhelming amount of story.”

And finally…

former The Vampire Diaries star Todd Lasance has been cast in the role of The Rival in The Flash season three.

The Rival is an enemy of Earth-2’s Jay Garrick. Will he be a side effect of Flashpoint? We’d say it’s a pretty safe bet…

Flash Season 3 promo:

Arrow Season 5 promo:

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