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Three New Doctor Who Clips Online

March 19th, 2013 by Saxon Comments

Doctor Who returns on March 30th for a run of 8 epic episodes, beginning with The Bells of St John… and we have 3 clips from the upcoming episode right here!

First up those of you in the UK who caught the interview with Matt Smith on Saturdays The Jonathan Ross show on ITV will have already seen this clip, in which the Doctor and Clara land the TARDIS on an airplane as it falls from the sky!

This next clip shows what could be the first meeting between The Doctor and Clara, in which he just loves being asked… well.. the first question.  Note his strange hairstyle – its even floppier than usual.  Is floppier a word?  Pretty sure it isn’t.  Hey look at that – I invented a word.  Anyway, heres the clip.

This final clip, released today, features The Doctor riding a motorcycle with Clara holding on for dear life at the back.  Why is he riding a motorcycle?  Well… because he doesn’t take the TARDIS into battle.  Umm… what?!

And thats your lot.  Excited about the new series?  What do you make of these clips?  Leave a comment and let us know.  And just incase your excitement levels aren’t at boiling point like us normal Whovians, heres the latest trailer for the series!

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