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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews Arrow SO1EO22 Darkness On The Edge Of Town

May 9th, 2013 by Christopher Williams Comments


Wow! Wow! Wow! I am still flabbergasted that The CW is actually airing a show that I am really falling in love with. This is literally the first time in the history of this network that this has ever happened. Is everything about the show brilliant? No, but every facet of the show has improved dramatically over when it first started. I wish they would tone down the love stuff, but it’s The CW and there are females watching so I understand.

First I want to delve into my new favorite character, Roy Harper. I love his determination in finding Arrow, even though it has cost him his relationship with Thea. I would love it if his search bared fruit in the season finale; maybe this time around he’s the one who saves Oliver’s life after the events of last night’s ending. I thought it was interesting that he pulled the ‘I need to learn from him so I will never lose anyone again.’ as it immediately cost him his girlfriend. Did anyone else see a parallel between this and Anakin’s search for dark side powers so he could help save Amidala in Revenge of the Sith? Anyway, better now I guess because we all know that if he becomes Red Arrow he won’t have time for a chick anyway.

The showdown with the Malcolm Merlyn at the end was insanely awesome! Oliver had no idea what he was walking into and it was great to see Malcolm catch that arrow and let the cat out of the bag that he is the Dark Archer (side note, why does Malcolm get a cool name like the Dark Archer but we’re still calling Oliver the Hood and the Vigilante?). I only wish that we had gotten a look from Oliver that says he’s connected the dots, that would’ve been great, but he was too busy taking a whooping I guess. What a great whooping that was too! Kudos to the editing team for getting it together with the fights, when the show started they were cut together a bit sloppily, but that has improved by leaps and bounds. And that ending! I rewound it a bit so I could watch that last thirty seconds again, it was a great way to end this episode and set us up for the finale. Though we didn’t get that look I was hoping for from Oliver, Merlyn delivered one that sent a shiver down my spine. I have to say it was the best ending to any episode this season.

The Oliver and Laurel stuff did provide me with some good eye-roll inducing moments, but again, I have to suffer through that to get the good stuff. Of course they have to be getting it on in front of the open window just as Tommy was walking by. I hate stuff like that because its so predictable and cliché at this point, I hope that going forward the writers can avoid these types of scenes because it would really help elevate Arrow past just another CW show. On another note of taking ideas from movies, Oliver’s hope that he can “cut out the disease” and finally be with Laurel was straight out of The Dark Knight Rises, which was interesting given all the comparisons the show as already gotten to Nolan’s Batman pics.

Overall I really loved this episode, every week this show impresses more and more and is building to an exciting season finale next week. The flashbacks got more exciting (poor Yao Fei), Walter has finally wised up to Moira’s scheming, Oliver is in captivity and it looks like The Undertaking is set to begin. My only regret is that the finale won’t be a two-hour event.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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