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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews The Walking Dead SO3EO11 I Ain’t A Judas

February 26th, 2013 by Christopher Williams 2 Comments

I love the Walking Dead; I have loved this show since episode one. I am however starting to tire of certain aspects. Well, one aspect really, Andrea. I don’t think in my long history of TV viewing that I have come across a character as frustrating as Andrea. She has made one bad choice after another, but this season in particular she has taken her decision making to an all-time low. The way she has been manipulated by the Governor just doesn’t make sense to the point where she has taken over Dexter’s Quinn atop my TV character hit list, but more on that as we go.

Rick’s leadership has finally been called into question, and it’s about damn time. Feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to fight the Governor or flee, Rick tries to run from the situation when Herschel calls him out on it saying, “You once said this isn’t a democracy. Now you need to own up to that.” What a perfect line. Even Carl is a doubter as he tells his dad to take a step back and let Daryl and Herschel handle things. I love Rick as a character and as a leader, I’m really hoping that this serves to bring him back to his senses rather than have him give up the mantle of leadership.

Back in Woodbury the Governor is trying to raise an army, and chooses to go the African warlord route by enlisting children to fight his battles. A red flag that gets tossed onto the pile of red flags that Andrea has chosen to ignore, even when her opposition to this plan falls on the Governor’s deaf ears. Her plan is to reach out to Rick to settle a truce, and whom does she go to for help? Milton, mother effing Milton. Are you serious, the guy who looks like every snitch that told on me in school growing up?  As Andrea preps to leave to the prison, her and Milton stumble upon Tyreese and his group. Immediately my cause for concern is alerted, not only because they’ve been inside in the prison, but also because they found a vulnerable breach point inside. This is info that would be like gold to the Governor, plus I want to like Tyreese and his group, but putting them in the Woodbury fold will not help this cause.

Merle tries his best to make nice with the Prison population, having a bonding moment with Herschel and then offering what I’m sure he considers an apology to Michonne. As much as I hate Merle, I can see that at least he’s trying, and he’s also their best shot at understanding how the Governor works. I hate to admit it, but he can be an asset here.

Andrea makes her way to the prison, and thanks to the Governor’s manipulations, she can’t seem to understand why she is not welcomed with open arms. In fact she actually has the nerve to blame Michonne for the group’s unwelcoming view of her. Really?! Maybe it’s because they just told you that he came in and attacked their home and in the process made it unsafe, but of course, it’s Michonne’s fault. Carol tells Andrea what happened to Shane and how Rick essentially kills him because Shane was planning on killing Rick, and here she pulls another Andrea move, instead of saying damn, what the hell got into Shane, it’s well Rick has been turning cold. If it weren’t for the fact that I paid over $1000 for my TV I surely would’ve broken it in frustration. Carol does manage to plant a seed in Andrea that the Governor needs to go, but of course we all know she’s incapable of doing the deed. The end shows how she contemplates it, and even goes so far as to pull out a knife on him while she sleeps, but it never goes down. This was another moment of frustration for me because we already know it’s not going happen, so why waste the last few minutes of the episode teasing it? I’d much rather get a few last minutes at the prison than have my time wasted with that ending. Before we went there though, Rick decides to take Carl and Michonne on a supply run, a decision I loved because Michonne is a huge asset as well, so it’s time to start trusting her, and Carl also needs a step up in responsibility as he has proven to be more than capable of handling his own.

Overall this isn’t the worst the show has had to offer, but it was far from the best, especially given how slam bang the first half of this season was. If they can manage to kill off Andrea sometime down the line that episode would automatically garner a 5 out of 5 nerds for that alone.

3 out of 5 nerds

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