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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents of Shield Season 03 Episode 15: Spacetime

April 6th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments



I guess it was only a matter of time (or Spacetime…) before Agents of Shield dealt with the arrival of forseeing the future. True, we had the “clairvoyant” thing, but that was different. This was true foresight, seeing into the future…and not liking the results.

“Spacetime” did a decent job of showing what could happen when one sees the future. Sure, it was plagued with the familiar troupes that come with it, but they did make a few changes. For example, they actually tried to practice what would happen in the future, to try and make it go “faster” when it really happened in order to save the Inhuman who was at risk. A rather genius move given the circumstances.

Also fun was Fitz’s explanation of “four dimension science” and why “the future can’t change”. And while it’s easy to talk about why that’s not true, it was still insightful. As was everyone talking about how “it hurt their brains”.

The two big takeaways here though was with Hive and Andrew. The former is now in full villain mode, and attire! And is happy to throw his weight around, especially when it comes to Gideon. His less on “true power” was very creepy, as was the near skull smashing we got to witness. True power indeed.


As for Andrew, him surrendering to Shield because he knew Lash was coming out for good was very interesting. You may have suspected a trap with good reason, but this was a heartfelt desire to say goodbye to May, and oh what a goodbye it was. Seeing her so vulnerable was a rare thing, and Ming-Na Wen did fantastic with it. As you could see her heart breaking when Lash returned.

Though the episode ended in a predictable fashion, it did leave some interesting questions in the air. What is Hive up to? What is Gideon afraid of? And how close are we to the space explosion we keep witnessing? And what will come of it now that Skye (it’s Daisy) has forseen it? Only time will tell.

4 out of 5 nerds

4 out of 5 nerds

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