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TV Reviews: FTN Reviews Agents Of Shield Season 03 Episode 20: Emancipation

May 11th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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This episode needed to be big as we headed into the 2-hour season finale next week. And it delivered on many fronts. First off, the Civil War connection was immediate, and it felt natural in the context of the show. With the government wanting to register powered beings and know what could go wrong, and knowing the new Inhuman threat, it was only natural it’d crossover in this way. It did seem odd that the Sokovian Accords didn’t get this detail mentioned in the movie…but that’s another topic for another time.

With Coulson opening all doors to Talbot to help keep Shield in the shadows, you almost knew something was going to go wrong. And wrong it did go…and didn’t go. There were many cool themes here. Talbot’s constant questioning of what the heck was going on, and his natural reaction when he got the truth, it was great.

Then there was Lincoln, who was getting desperate to both get out and help Daisy. The numerous chats between him and Daisy were a highlight, and easily the strongest case of their relationship this season. The breakout itself was really cool. Especially when it led to that EPIC FAKEOUT!!!!

Lash vs. Hive!!! Ring the bell!


Seriously, I didn’t see that coming, though it was teased if you paid attention…I didn’t for the record. Lash had always been the Inhuman killer, and his numerous battles in the beginning of the season showed he was truly a worthy challenger for Hive. Going so far as to kill the parasites before they got to him…and curing Daisy of hers! Maybe that’s a Deus Ex Machina move…but I felt it worked. Yes, Lash dying soon after was a bit forced, as it was kind of weird he could take so much but a flaming chain (Ghost Rider style!) could do him in, but whatever.

Hive himself should even more of his dark side as he aimed to create his army. Using Watchdogs as “volunteers” was very creepy, and then when they “transformed” into primitive monsters, ones perfectly in his control…well that was just evil.

Now, Elena giving Mack her necklace, the one we see in the ship before it blows up, could be another fakeout. I would be very surprised if its not, as that’s way too much of an arrow pointing scenario. Mack could give it away to whoever dies, but it would need to be convincing.

All in all, “Emancipation” was a very twisting and turning episode that ended with the sides being balanced once again, and Hive’s plan ready to take shape. Nuclear warhead anyone?

4 out of 5 nerds

4 out of 5 nerds

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