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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents of Shield Season 04 Episode 04: Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire

October 19th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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So, that was a fun episode huh? Huh?!?

Though it was a long title, “Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire” was very much a culmination of the first three episodes of the season put together. As it saw Coulson meet Robbie, Simmons save Daisy, who were then saved by Coulson, Mack, and Robbie. We found out  more about the ghosts and the Darkhold, and how the Watch Dogs are getting targeting info on the Inhumans.

Agents of Shield is often at its best when they focus on groups of characters in different settings, then slowly weave them together, that’s what happened here. Coulson striking a deal with Robbie was very natural, though I’m still not buying why they can’t believe in the Ghost Rider as he is instead of thinking it an alien work. Yes, Thor is an alien, but even he admits that magic and science are often the same thing.

I loved how Daisy cornered Simmons, using her desire to move in with Fitz as an incognito way of getting her alone. I equally loved how Simmons showed Daisy her place multiple times. Season 01 Simmons wouldn’t have had the guts to do that, but she’s grown a lot since then.

Learning more about the Darkhold was also cool, as its apparently been searched for by many of the MCU’s best and baddest, to no avail. So hopefully there will be a good explanation as to why a simple group of scientists found it and not them.

But easily, the best part of the episode was the fight between the returning James and Robbie. While James being a traitor was obvious, it was sold pretty well. Hive messed him up, and he now hates everything Inhuman. So much so that he made a deal with the Watch Dogs to help wipe out the whole race, including himself. Which in and of itself is pretty dark. Of course, once he grabbed the chain and lit it on fire, we all knew who was coming.


For those who have forgotten, the fire chain is a key part of the original Ghost Rider’s arsenal. AKA Johnny Blaze. So for Robbie to not only use it, but then keep it! Was pretty epic, and it certainly makes me want Marvel to contact Nicholas Cage to return as Blaze once again…and maybe more times after that.

The Aida storyline was very intriguing, as May was used as a lab rat to see whether Aida was advancing enough in her interactions with humans. While she has a lot to learn, there’s some interesting threads that could come from this storyline. She was taught about lying, and though she didn’t use it herself, it may only be a matter of time. Second, Simmons now knows about Aida, and if she doesn’t pass a lie detector test, it could spell trouble for all around.

Finally, Daisy, Robbie, Coulson, and the rest are now working together to get the Darkhold. Not sure what’ll come of it, but it’ll be fun to watch  that’s for sure.

“Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire” was another solid episode in Season 04 of AOS. The band is back together again, let’s see what happens now that they are.

4 out of 5 nerds

4 out of 5 nerds

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