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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents Of Shield Season 6 Episode 8: Collision Course Part 1

July 6th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

Apologies for the later than usual review. Tonight’s Agents of Shield did FINALLY build upon what the team is up against this season, and even raised the stakes in some significant ways. But, once again, they’ve fallen into the “trap” of focusing on comedic elements and forced relationship woes rather than continuing the main story in a meaningful way.

Let’s start with the good parts. First up, we now know that the woman that is taking FitzSimmons to Earth, Izel, is actually the monster/beast that Not-Coulson has been hiding, and she can actually create the Shrike herself, which is actually rather intimidating. However, like any good story, they tease that she might not fully be what Not-Coulson says she is, and that she knows his “secret”.

And while predictable to an extent, Sarge using the AOS team to help him out and then double-crossing them to ensure his victory against Izel was really cool. Including using the warp technology that we saw back in episode 2 to get onto their mobile base. Also, Not-Coulson calling out Daisy for what she is and isn’t was funny.

There was a lot of oneupmanship in this episode and it played well at times. Mac keeping his promise while also bending it so that he could keep an eye on Sarge and his team was nice. As was Sarge’s crew using their own wits to get free, only for Yo-Yo to put them back in their place. It was cool. And now, Mac has to decide what to do now that his team is being threatened by a bomb that will wipe out a massive area, and Izel is REALLy close to touching down.

But…the rest of the episode still suffered from the faults that Season 6 continues to pile on. Bringing on Zeke to try and fix Sarge’s device? Sure, that was understandable. Having Snowflake fall for him, and then having the typical “walking in” scene with them about to get it on…and then Zeke now sticking up for Snowflake? Yeah…we didn’t need that. Also, I thought she was into May. lol.

Meanwhile, while I understand FitzSimmons reacting like they did to finding out Izel wanted the Monoliths, having Fitz freak out about his future self getting married to Simmons and going on about it for a while was cringeworthy.

The worst part though was that twice during the episode they basically broke the fourth wall with their jokes to show that the writers “understand” how ridiculous this all is. And yet, they still wrote it!

However, these faults aside, the first part of “Collison Course” did at least bring the promise of a good ending to the season to light. Whether they’ll execute it though? That remains to be seen.

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