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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 13: Pillar Of Fire

February 12th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

Black Lightning really does know how to change up the formula in unique and exciting ways while still being true to the plot of the story itself. “Pillar of Fire” offered some pretty big changes, and teases for what is to come.

First and foremost, the birth of one of the original pod metas. Tobias bringing one to life to prove that it can be done, and done right, is important. And then using him and Cutter to get Dr. Jace and the rest of the pod children was another big step. As Tobias and Jace noted, he’s in the arms race now, for metahumans that is. And with Lynn proving that they can be awaked safely in regards to the Pod Kids, there’s a lot of potential for what is going to happen as the season heads towards its season finale.

The struggles of both Anissa and Jennifer were very compelling. Jennifer is still dealing with the fallout from Kalil’s death, as well as using her powers (in which she has already become a master of apparently yet still doesn’t know her full limits…), and her going after Tobias is taking her down a dark path. We know that Lightning will be born this season, but I’m curious when that will happen.

As for Anissa, her struggling with the departure of Grace was nicely handled. She didn’t come off as stalkerish, but rather someone who really cares, as well as is hurt that this happened with no explanation. I didn’t expect that dark reveal of her backstory, and it makes me wonder when her powers came to be. Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

The biggest surprises of the episode though weren’t exactly the best ones. First up, I LOVED that the sit-in raised serious questions about “Master Lowry”. But instead of taking advantage of that, they had Jefferson go the high road and suggest to give Lowry more time. On one hand, I appreciate the acceptance that he’s dealing with a lot personally right now. But on the other hand, if more kids get suspended or expelled while he lets that “chance” happen? That’s on him, and that seems disrespectful to his students. And that Lowry “confession” before the meeting? That didn’t even give us a reason to WANT to give him a second chance. It just proved how much of a jerk he was.

On the dark side of things, the fact that Cutter/Tobias are now a thing is really weird. They never showed romantic feelings for each other before, and now they’re sleeping together? Really? And despite him being a valuable asset to Tobias in the long term with his computer skills…they killed Todd? Really??? That doesn’t seem like a smart business move.

Still, “Pillar of Fire” did do some interesting things, and it’s going to be curious to see how it plays out.


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