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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 7: The Sange

November 28th, 2018 by Todd Black Comments

Ironically enough, Black Lightning is one of those shows that honestly gets better the more that they focus on the family drama. Not that the superhero parts are lacking, they’re honestly not, but the core cast really work better in a family setting, which is why “The Sanje” was really good, even with all the superhero stuff going on.

The fight to get Looker off the board and retrieve the lost child led to many cool things. Not the least of which were several great fight scenes, including an unexpectedly good matchup between Thunder and Looker. Granted, the fight ended in a rather sudden way, and in a way that kind of defies physics, but I’ll let it go.

There was also the great Black Lightning/Looker scene where they talked about the ethics about what they do, including the “minority privilege” that racists like Looker like to think others have. Though it was funny to hear her say that she actually modeled herself off of Black Lightning in many ways.

Pierce finding out about Gambi was well handled, and I’m glad it got out in the open because Gambi working from the shadows for much longer without the Pierce’s knowing would’ve been bad.

But the real star of the show was Jennifer, who was very believable in every scene that she was in. From talking with her superpowered therapist, to how she handled the Kalil situation, it was all very well done, and it was very powerful that she was willing not only willing to show off her powers to Kalil, but also run away with him. I’m vary curious as to where that plotline leads for both Kalil and Jennifer.

There were a few small issues though. Like the aforementioned beating of Looker, also, the “Theta Waves” monologue was oddly done. Furthermore, why did the bad guys think that electrocuting a guy named Black Lightning was a good idea? Finally, we saw that the grandparents only survived in part, but that didn’t explain what happened to them last episode. It felt odd just to see one alive with literally no explanation as to how Looker’s goons got the baby.

In the end though, “The Sanje” was a really good episode, and once again set up an interesting dynamic for the episodes to come.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

Todd Black is reader of comics, a watch of TV (a LOT of TV), and a writer of many different mediums. He's written teleplays, fan-fictions, and currently writes a comic book called Guardians ( He dreams of working at Nintendo, writing a SHAZAM! TV series, and working on Guardians for a very long time!