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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Black Lightning Season 4 Episode 11: Trial and Errors

May 11th, 2021 by Todd Black Comments

Tonight’s episode of Black Lightning felt like something really cool. Not the least of which was because it really came together in a way that made all the pieces from both this season and past ones feel important. “Trials and Errors” helped setup an endgame that will be fun to watch unfold.

The big thing here was a piece I noted last week in regards to Kalil. He just kept fighting random people and it didn’t seem like an actual big move was coming. When in fact, they were building up to the return of Looker, who had been controlling people to help ensure the case against the Pierce’s was rock solid. This was well handled in regards to Jefferson having to come clean in full to Detective Shakur in order to secure his help, as well as having Kalil and Painkiller work together to get Looker and secure her…alive.

Meanwhile, Jen and Anissa telling their parents about the meta gene plan by Tobias and slowly putting together the pieces of how grand Tobias’ plan was made everything come together even more, especially as Gambi returned the favor and unveiled all that happened to his old flame.

Honestly, aside from odd fight scenes that hinged on powers that just appeared and then didn’t, the only really odd thing about the episode was the storyline between Jen and Uriah. TC setting them up for a date was sweet, but then they straight-up killed Uriah to get Jen to stand down. Because…reasons? Why not just kill Jen and be done with it? The dude’s powers could’ve made it seem like random violence and no one outside of Black Lightning and crew would’ve known better.

Furthermore, Jen’s line about her and Uriah “finally getting together” was so cringe. They didn’t even know each other that long! So how could it be a “finally” moment?

Still, despite all that, “Trials and Errors” did a good job balancing storylines and making it clear that there is an endgame. Oh, and a match between Kalil/Painkiller and Ishmael? Oh yeah, sign me up!

4.5 out of 5 nerds


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