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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Gotham Season 04 Episode 04: The Demon’s Head

October 13th, 2017 by Todd Black Comments

Sorry everyone, another short review, but, I’m happy to say that “The Demon’s Head” was a notable improvement from the previous episode. Not the least of which is because of the fallout that was very unexpected.

I personally loved how Bruce followed up about the knife in a very logical way, by going to an expert. And though it was a little telegraphed, it was still entertaining to see the lengths that Ra’s would go to get the knife, and at least we found out that it was part of a prophecy of sorts. Though what it all means will obviously be leaked out over the course of the season. I liked seeing Ra’s get his hands dirty, and even go “undercover” to try and get more information about the info and the boy, Alex, who had it. It was a new twist on Ra’s that we’ve honestly not seen before.

Another thing I liked was the growing tension between Bruce and Gordon throughout the episode. Gordon was rightfully suspicious about what Bruce and Alfred were hiding, but they were also right it not sharing everything with Gordon because this was beyond his scope, even for all the things he’s seen in the last few seasons.

Though Ra’s “henchmen” were a bit ridiculous, the payoff was good. Alex got his courage and saved Bruce, but then Bruce refused to give the knife to Ra’s, which lead to Alex’s death. This was a brilliant move, because Batman values all life, and rarely ever goes “big picture”, Bruce took another step towards that philosophy. And being that Ra’s smile at the end? He wants to be in Blackgate.

The other two storylines were serviceable, and again had fun payoffs. Penguin calling out Riddler because of his condition was great, as was his “leaving him alive” to wallow in his loss. It’s perfectly Penguin, and it leads to some potential big moments for Ed.

Meanwhile, Lady Falcone put on a game of her own against Penguin, and it seemed to work perfectly, as now Penguin doesn’t see her as a threat…bad move. Speaking of bad moves, I really don’t like her relationship with Gordon, it feels like Vale all over again, he’s with her for the wrong reasons. Please stop Jim!

In the end, “The Demon’s Head” advanced things in a very fun matter, and even took twists to get to that point, something I appreciate.

4 out of 5 nerds


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