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TV Reviews: FTN Reviews Stargirl Season 3 Episode 5: The Thief

October 6th, 2022 by Todd Black Comments

We’re five episodes into the third season of Stargirl, and I’m seriously unsure of what they’re trying to go for. Just when you think they’re steering the ship in one direction, they pull a swerve, and suddenly, they’re guiding it somewhere else. Then, with the characters, very few are acting like actual people or in reasonable manners. Even when they call it out, it means nothing in the end because they revert really quickly back to who they were. “The Thief” wasn’t much better; thus, the middling third season continues.

I’ll start with the positive because, once again, there was that in the episode. It just kept getting downplayed by the bad. For example, Courtney trying to help Cameron with his gifts? Totally fine. I’m glad they’re making her “less hero-centric” like she was at the beginning of last season. It was really annoying. Her asking for help from Cindi might have seemed odd at first, but she made it clear it was because she knew Cindi would “give it to her straight.” And the advice she gave was honestly good! The last thing Courtney needs to do right now is reveal what happened with Icicle because that could send him over the edge instead of helping him.

Also, Barbara being the only one to realize immediately what was going on with “Courtney’s attention,” was hilarious. Of course, Pat wouldn’t get it! But a mother absolutely would. That was a sweet moment. And while Starman definitely is still failing overall as a character, I appreciate him taking SMALL steps forward. Like admitting that his overreaction (that was a total cringe to watch) in the ISA base wasn’t good and that he “isn’t a good example” because he never thought he’d be looking over the next generation. His giving individual advice to each of them (outside of Courtney due to timing) was great too…to an extent. Like telling Yolanda to “follow her instincts” or Beth to ensure her family was protected. I liked that. I want MORE of that from Starman.

Oh, and the Crocs are still hilarious. How do they always know where Pat is? Can someone tell me that? Also, I love how they just have no filter and don’t care that they’re admitting to crimes in front of Pat and Barbara (only for Paula to react differently when she thinks Barbara is judging her). Seriously, I would watch an entire episode of just Barbara and Paula. They’re comedy gold.

…and that’s where the good points end.

Because as we find out, Cindi may have killed The Gambler? It’s hard to say because they don’t show the killing blow or her wrecking the trailer. They just show her looming over the body in an agitated state. Something is clearly going on here that we’re not seeing, and I REALLY hope they address it soon because the mystery is seriously starting to drag. Especially since you know that most of the next episode will be about the team judging Cameron and Cindi for different reasons.

This brings us to the question of, “why is everyone acts like a judge, jury, and executioner?” Yolanda’s tunnel vision of Cindi is getting old (no, I don’t care that she was “proven right” because we know there’s a twist coming). Rick is still being “Rick Smash” and judging Courtney for hanging out with Cameron because of ONE MOMENT. And ALL OF THEM were judging Courtney despite her having their backs on countless occasions. Trust me, Courtney ain’t perfect by a longshot, but she deserves the benefit of the doubt because she saw the potential in them (most of them) when they didn’t see it in themselves.

This brings us back to Cindi. Her trying to “protect Courtney” was just totally off. Her triggering Cameron? Clever. But then her telling Courtney to “cut bait” when she didn’t do that for Cindi when everyone else wanted to? Not cool, or intelligent.

Also, Rick going “full Hourman”? Totally dumb. Pat even warned him in Season 1 that his father put the limiter on the hourglass because it was addictive to use it for more than an hour. But clearly that doesn’t matter anymore. And again, “Rick Smash.”

Beth’s “severing” of her parents came off as odd too. Those two are like the worst parents ever because they only cared about Beth WHEN she became a part of the JSA. And now they’re crying because they can’t be a part of it by her own request? I feel nothing for them.

But don’t worry, I feel even less for Mike. Less than nothing, as Darkseid would say. Seriously, this kid is the worst. That Starman scene he had proved why he’s not worthy of being a hero. He’s just trying to be acknowledged without actually doing anything worthy, or heroic, or smart! Then, he ropes in Jakeem (in a totally abusive and bullying way) and things go wrong (like the Cindi recruitment) and yet he still thinks he’s “God’s Gift To The World”. You notice how Barbara didn’t actually say anything nice about Mike when talking to Starman? Pretty telling.

In the end, “The Thief” really didn’t move anything forward, again. The characters are spinning their wheels instead of evolving, and some are getting worse! This is why I keep saying that this is #NotMyJSA because many of them don’t act like heroes. Also, there was no action outside of a painting being destroyed. Isn’t this supposed to be a superhero show instead of a teen drama? Thanks, CW.



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