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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 7: Anti Hero

March 9th, 2022 by Todd Black Comments

If you recall last review, I noted that the previous episode was great because of what makes the show great, and bad because of what they continue to do that doesn’t make this show great. “Anti Hero” is another in that line, but sadly, they leaned more into the bad parts than the good ones.

The good ones were there for all to see. Jonathan got caught with the K-X and he took a big back of it in order to save Candice (who doesn’t deserve it) and the drama that it caused was beautifully handled. From Lois losing it (in a fair way this time), to both Jordan and her and Clark trying to figure out his supplier, to Jonathan struggling with it all at the end, it was beautiful. I’m not sure where it goes from here, but Jonathan’s storyline definitely got more interesting.

And then, there was Lana (who not only had a great storyline but had multiple great moments with Lois), who was still trying to figure out her way after the separation with Kyle and it was great. Her trying to hold it together, her trying to be the best she can be for Sara, being there for Lois in her time of need, and all the while still fighting that mayoral race. Her callout at the end was perfectly handled.

Even Sara got a great get from this, struggling with what to do with her father, and even having her call in the “I kissed a girl” friend and they had some really great beats all the while not making it too awkward.

Which…brings us to the bad stuff. Anderson. Seriously, he sucks, in full, 100%, you cannot salvage this character. He acted like such a freaking child and there was no way that the US government would approve of what happened. The defense of it all will be AWOL and erratic behavior but it was bad. He at one point said, “he lied to me” and I’m like, “WELL NO KIDDING!!!” Seriously, this is a man-child who is so deluded that it makes no sense what he does.

And then…he killed Bizarro!!! Really? That’s how you end that character, having Anderson kill him? That was just wrong, and sad, as that character had more to give while Anderson doesn’t. Oh, and the man who “put America first” then decided to go and give the pendant to Ally because…reasons? So lame.

Even Tal’s story arc was better than that. I still don’t like that character, but at least they’re adding SOME depth with him in terms of his redemption.

In the end, “Anti Hero” shined once more when it focused on the families of characters, but failed when it tried to build on the overall plot. Hopefully that gets remedied soon.


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