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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 9: 30 Days and 30 Nights

March 30th, 2022 by Todd Black Comments

We all knew that eventually, Superman & Lois would have episodes that didn’t really feature Superman. Usually for a show that wouldn’t be a good thing, but given the strong supporting cast of this show, it was a risk they could take, and with “30 Days and 30 Nights” they did make the most of it with a few notable exceptions.

I’ll get the elephant out of the room first. Superman’s “departure” could’ve been better handled. He had no reason to rush into the portal, especially after what he witnessed last time. He didn’t go after Anderson and he had the pendant, so why did he care so much about getting Ally back when he wasn’t really sure she was alive? Exactly.

Aside from that though, it was very interesting to see what happened “one month later” as his family, friends, and the world at large dealt with the “world without a Superman” (though once again…the rest of the Arrowverse heroes were MIA to help those in need even though that’s what they do as well…). Lois and the boys taking it each in their own way was very well handled. Lois trying to be brave but suffering on the inside. Jonathan trying to stay the course but wondering if he would ever get to makeup with his dad. And Jordan training harder than ever just so he could be ready in case of an emergency, it was all well done.

On the Jordan front, it was nice seeing him once again go “vigilante”, while also showing him slowly growing into his powers and all he could do. On this front, Sam training him was good as we saw him not “making a weapon”, but making sure he could “focus” and be able to use his powers with precision, just like his father. And him coming to the rescue of not just Kyle, but Sam and Lois was pretty cool. And the notion that the X-Kryptonite story might have more legs (in terms of who was funding the operation) was well handled too. More for Lois to do? I approve.

But, on the flipside, Jordan and Sara’s breakup was not well handled IMO. Mainly because at the beginning of the season, Sara was very standoffish and didn’t tell Jordan about the kiss, and then when she did tell him SHE was the one who flipped out when he didn’t really understand and yet he still wanted to be with her. But when he was the one being vague about something, and he admitted openly that he WANTED to tell her but couldn’t, that should’ve been a sign that it was something he was sworn to secrecy about. Yes, she is fair for not “wanting to be put second”, but that wasn’t what was going on here, and if she had given Jordan the chance, he would’ve made that clear without exposing himself. Plus, Jordan has never done anything to hurt her barring blowing off that one meeting due to saving Jonathan (which I’m sure he apologized for) so her breaking it off came off as rushed (and a typical CW trope of forcing relationships to go through ALL the rough spots.

Yet, on that flipside, Sara being there for Kyle was great. From her checking on him after the fire, to trying to help him realize the truth that he might not get back with Lana, to crashing at his place because she needed him to help her through her own trauma, that was good. And it showed off the relationship that she is desperate to keep going even if Lana (rightfully) is fine with where the former spouses now lie.

As for Lana, I am so happy she’s mayor, and I totally clapped when she won. And the percentage totals showing that she won by a good margin? That was important, because now there is no doubt that she won fair and square. Now I just hope they let her be the best mayor possible, because we KNOW that she can be that.

Honestly, and frustratingly, the biggest letdown in this episode was Nat…again. It was already eye-rolling that the day when EVERYTHING was happening just so happened to be the anniversary of her mom’s death, but her attitude on her father from start to near finish was enraging. He talks with Lana, and she thinks he’s flirting with her? Seriously? And then he explains why he’s trying to “live his life” and “to move on” in order to “not be tortured” by always thinking about his wife, and she balks at that? Stating that she “doesn’t want a dad who would forget her mom?” WHAT?!?

This is a man, that he’s noted multiple times, that went to war with Superman BECAUSE of his life for his fallen wife, and it almost made him do unforgivable things. It’s maddening that even after a month without Superman (which if you recall last episode was “a big issue for her”) and her having time to bond further with John that she is still not willing to cut him any slack at all even though he’s done nothing wrong. Hopefully now they can move on because she needs more character development than this.

The final scene though with “90’s Superboy” Jonathan was a nice twist. Because I fully expected Superman to return with like a beard or something and then the next episode to be a flashback, but this was much cooler. What’s NOT cool is yet ANOTHER massive break before the next episodes.

In the end, “30 Days and 30 Nights” delved into many big questions and character relationships. Not all of them worked, but most did, and with some fun visuals and twists, it was a very solid episode.



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