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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews the Agent Carter Season 02 Finale!

March 2nd, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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Howard and Jarvis

Well, that was a interesting ending!

In fact, much like the title suggested, the season finale for Agent Carter was very much a, “Hollywood Ending”. As the villain was stopped, the world was saved, friendships were salvaged and reborn, and yes, the girl got the guy.

And while it’s true that this episode wasn’t the most epic, or even action packed, it honestly didn’t need to be. The drama was already there, and the first few minutes only added to it with the reveal that not only was Jason alive and free from the Zero Matter, but now Whitney Frost had it ALL! Yeah…not good.

With her power level rising, and wanting to “free” the Zero Matter, it was all hands on deck to figure out how to stop her. Which means…Howard’s back! Man, when Howard is in an episode? He’s the MVP, and here was no different. From his entrance, to his swimming off to the sunset (or close enough) he was funny and dependable all through the episode. He brought comedy in spades to what could’ve easily been a very dark and grim situation.

Not that there wasn’t darkness and grim in it. As Whitney had gone full blown crazy in her desire to free the Zero Matter, even getting her boyfriend to turn on her in order to save her. Which in and of itself was a funny  moment with Howard.

Naturally, the climax involving the rift was great stuff. Although, I was expecting a little more action and drama from Whitney herself, but it’s a small price to pay. Having Sousa nearly sacrifice himself, while everyone else was offering to sacrifice themselves, was nicely done. Oh, and the hovercar? The second version? Brilliant!

Howard and Peggy

And, in perfect “Hollywood Ending” style, everyone got a proper ending or send off…more or less. Howard got a brilliant new employee in Wilkes, who was more than happy to take the job. Jarvis and Anna were back together at home. Peggy got to say goodbye to everyone…


Ok, a few episodes back, Sousa revealed he got injured in Bastogne. Which, for anyone who watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier, was the battle Peggy mentioned in her interview as the battle Steve was in that changed everything and saved her would be husband. So I figured they would get together by the end of the season. I still wish the whole engagement story wasn’t as played up early on and then abandoned, cause it made Sousa seem like a coward and idiot. But hey…happy endings right? Well…

Thompson! Just when you think he’s going to be in the clear and get some redemption, he gets shot! Man, that’s rough. And yes, most likely he’s dead. And I feel bad, cause he did turn around.

Now, the real question now is, “Will there be a season 3?” Cause honestly, it’s up in the air. Yes, they set up a season 3 in the episode, between Thompson’s “death”, the “key”, and more, but, that doesn’t mean ABC will pick it up. Do I want them to? YES!!! Will they? I don’t know.

Regardless, “Hollywood Ending” did a great job of ending the storyline of season 2 of Agent Carter in a definitive way, all the while making strides to promote season 3…should it get it.

I’m with Jarvis when I say…please don’t leave Ms. Carter.

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