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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 02 Episode 03: Family of Rogues

October 21st, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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Family of Rogues1

After two episodes that felt (for me anyway) a little out of style with what Flash is as a show, the season finally rebounded into familiar territory with “Family of Rogues”. Which…not surprisingly, featured the one and only Captain Cold…and family!

Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold is easily one of the best actors and characters on Flash, and here he got to show off even more depth to the character as he had to deal with his dear old dad. Play of course by the amazing Michael Ironside. The twist here was that Louis Snart was someone controlling Captain Cold…or at least that was what Lisa (Golden Glider) said.

It was fun watching as Barry tried to figure out where the truth was. From being genuinely concerned for Leonard (what’s with the “L” names?) at the beginning, to not being trusting, to finally realizing the truth, this was Barry Allen to a “T”. And I’m glad it came back.

The twist that Louis put a thermite bomb in Lisa was shocking to say the least, though after what we found out about Papa Snart, it’s not so surprising. What was surprising was seeing Lisa in a new mode of emotions. Playing concerned sister, tortured daughter, and unknowing victim almost all at the same time. Her transformation from the comics to the show hasn’t been the best (see: her power set), but here she really showed her stuff. All the while keeping her flirtation going with Cisco. Does anyone else not buy this relationship? Just saying.

I also dug the resolution to the problem, from Barry going undercover, and playing it cool under pressure to save lives. To “dying” himself to take suspicion away from him, and of course Captain Cold killing “dear old dad” for all the right reasons…even knowing he’d go to jail…was great stuff. Again, classic Flash.

The other stories were somewhat compelling, but oddly paced in some ways. The return of Francine, Joe’s wife and Iris’ mother, was a very interesting story…but we only saw her once this episode. Sure, her presence was felt, but it lacked impact. Especially when she revealed that her reason for coming back was to help Iris get over Eddie’s death? …really? Six months AFTER it happened? When Iris honestly seems to be in a REALLY good place? I felt her reason should’ve been a lot more compelling.

Family of Rogues2

However, Joe’s reaction to the events of her return, and having to tell Iris was great. I’m glad they didn’t do the whole “how could you not tell me she was alive?!?!” Kind of thing and have Iris hate Joe, that’s too played out. Here though, we got the reason (which was both right and logical), and the resolution. And it appears Francine may be around for a while.

Finally, the “breaches” storyline got some more traction. As Jay (who was naturally downplayed in this episode, for the right reasons) stabilized the breach in Star Labs and helped create a “Speed Cannon” (“we should hang out more…”) to go through them back to Earth-2. That said…Caitlin’s attachment to him still feels forced. I honestly don’t get it to be honest.  Then having him stay so they can deal with the breaches…over going home where he belongs? Eh…

Of course, a cannon (and door) works both ways, and a new visitor is sure to shake things up!

“Family of Rogues” was the episode this show needed to get back in the fabric of what made it great. Balancing lighthearted fun with compelling stories with fun results. Flash is back in my mind, let’s keep it going.


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