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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 8 Episode 12: Death Rises

April 28th, 2022 by Todd Black Comments

You ever watch or read something and think, “they’re running out of ideas?” Well…many fans feel that we’re there right now with The Flash, and while “Death Rises” wasn’t the worst of recent episodes, it definitely has a “see what sticks” approach to things.

On the positive side, right up until the end of the episode, I was thrilled with how they were handling Deathstorm. Unlike certain other villains, this guy is a true monster, willing to kill people on a dime, all for his goals that for most of the episode, appeared to be quite monstrous. Mainly…he was doing it because he could, and because it would “feed him”. His possession of Cecil was very much a highlight of the episode as the “monster” got to toy with them and it was fun.

Also, finding out that the reason they could never find Deathstorm was because he was doing intergalactic travel to the singularity it was originally trapped in? Also cool, as that tied into the storyline of its birth. Granted, I wasn’t thrilled with their “seven years later” explanation, but considering some of the other things they dropped…I’ll let it slide.

Furthermore, Barry getting a new ability via “riding the lighting”? Yeah, that was dope. And I also appreciated how while it was an awesome effect, it wasn’t enough. A reverse of what happened with Despero…something I still can’t explain in terms of what happened to him. Still bitter about Armageddon if you can’t tell. The final good part I want to talk about is Joe, because Joe just makes everything better…which is why it sucks that he’s gone after this season because the cast they have around Barry isn’t enough right now. But his speeches to both Barry and Kramer prove why he’s one of the best characters in the Arrowverse, and I’m going to miss him (more on that later).

Sadly, the rest of the episode didn’t hold up. Not the least of which was because of the reveal that Deathstorm is after Caitlin because…it wants her to be his bride…because he’s lonely. Really? That’s what his motivation is? After that speech about life being an “aberration,” it decides to take on a bride? And the reason he “can’t do it yet” is because “she’s not ready”? That’s…just bad. As Frost aptly, and sadly, noted, they turned this villain…into the Bachelor.

Oh, and do recall that we’ve already had this storyline with Zoom! He went after Caitlin too to be his partner, remember? Le sigh.

Speaking of sighing, this “time sickness” storyline is really getting out of hand in the worst way. So Tenya’s phasing Iris out of existence didn’t work…because of the time sickness? And Dion, who if you recall is the living embodiment of the Still Force, a literal Force of Nature…can’t figure out what’s going on, and somehow is affected by this thing. The Speed Force died because of the Spectre’s influence, that’s a primordial entity, so that makes sense in its own right. But this? Not so much. They’re doing all they can to make this FEEL dramatic and costly, but we all know how it’s going to end…Iris will be fine.

Oh, and do recall that we’ve already had this storyline with Savitar! She was “destined to die” and that didn’t happen, remember? Le Sigh.

There were other elements that didn’t add up either, like the “ghost attack” with Esperanza (or why Deathstorm went after Iris when she wasn’t around at all for that part of the arc), and why Cecil, again, is reading people without permission…didn’t she say she wouldn’t do that? Hmm…

In the end, “Death Rises” had its moments, but it wasn’t enough. Next episode is supposedly going to deliver a big character death, and my guess…it’s Joe. After all, what way to cause grief in The Flash than to kill yet another father to him. We’ll see how it goes…


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