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Creepy trailer arrives for American Horror Story: Cult

August 24th, 2017 by Dave Bowling Comments

It’s fair to say that there are two constants in modern life: the world has become ultra-level screwed up; and American Horror Story is a complete and total mindf*ck.

So, hell, why not combine the two? And thus, we come to the new trailer for season 7 of AHS, or to give it its full title American Horror Story: Cult. And sweet merciful Jeebus, this thing is warped. Claustrophobia, killer clowns, Donald freaking Trump… I mean, take a look for yourself:

This season will follow the character of Ally, an agoraphobic who has also an intense fear of clowns. Her fears begin to worsen after the US election night last year. Since then, as Ally says, ‘things just keep getting worse’. Nobody seems able to help her, including her partner and her therapist. Also playing a role is Kai, an anarchist who’s watched Fight Club and The Dark Knight far too many times.

All told, this looks as good as a one-minute trail can. It’s more topical this time around, not that I’m linking the producers’ decisions to the German newspaper that memorably labelled America’s current leader as a “Horror-Clown”. No siree Bob…

American Horror Story: Cult premieres on 5 September at 10pm EST on FX.

Source: Nerdist

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