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Victor Zsasz Returns To Gotham

January 16th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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When it was announced, Gotham raised a big question, “How will certain Batman villains be portrayed in this show?” Some are still children (Catwoman, Poison Ivy), some have to rise through the ranks (Penguin, Riddler). But one that has easily inserted themselves into the show without much trouble is Victor Zsasz. Though not the total psychopath we know from the comics, this version is still very crazy, but in a twist, he works for Carmine Falcone.

When Gotham returns next week, Zsasz will return as well, and in a recent interview, Zsasz himself got to speak about what we’ll see when his character returns.

“You’ll get to see a little bit into the dynamic between Victor and Falcone. You’ll get a little glimpse into their relationship and their dynamic. Victor likes to have a job, he likes to go to work, he likes to do his job. You’ll get to see him do his job and excel at it!”

Interesting,things seem to be building in the best way possible for Gotham. Let’s hope it pays off big when it returns this Monday!


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