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Walking Dead’s gay kiss prompts Twitter outrage

February 25th, 2015 by Dave Bowling 1 Comment

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Odin’s raven, this again?

The latest episode of The Walking Dead saw the introduction of the characters Aaron and his partner Eric. And they – shock horror – kissed. Cue predictable Twitter meltdown by people who think it’s still 1955.

In typical hypocritical fashion, the fact that Tara, a lesbian, has been part of the cast since season four seems to have been ignored by the (largely male) disgusted masses. When it comes to two men kissing, some people can’t accept that we live in the 21st Century.

Readers of the comics already knew about Aaron’s orientation for some time, but to some viewers, homosexuality is far, far more upsetting than cannibalism being shown in truly eye-watering detail. It’s pretty difficult to take some of the ‘outrage’ seriously. There’s the usual ‘Christian’ whining about “promoting sin” and just plain homophobic slurs by people who have clearly never read the comics, but the reaction by people who claim to have been watching the show with their children? Huboy…

Man kisses man. In other news, Space Pope still reptilian.

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Here’s an example… really?

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