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WATCH: BBC America Extended Trailer for The Time of The Doctor

December 18th, 2013 by Saxon Comments

Americans, ay?  They’ve just always got to go one step further and supersize everything!  

Remember our quaint little British version of The Time of The Doctor trailer?  Well forget it as BBC America turn the action up to Eleven (Sorry, couldn’t resist) in this rather epic new extended look at Matt Smiths final episode!

The trailer features Clara’s first encounters with the Silence (where she cant seem to work out why she cant remember them) and the Weeping Angels (where one grabs a hold of her leg – lucky sod!).  We are also treated to baddie Tasha Lim declaring that the Time War will begin anew, which is followed by shots of Daleks going all explodey-wowdey – perhaps this is a consequence of the events of The Day of The Doctor, which when watched alongside The Name of The Doctor makes for quite an entertaining trilogy.  Showrunner Steven Moffat has said that this Christmas special will tie up all of the loose ends of the 11th Doctors tenure, which does seem to be the case as the trailer shows a clip from the 2011 episode The God Complex in which the Doctor opens a door to a room which contains his greatest fear, but what does it mean?!  What does it mean?!

Well, in six days time we’ll know – if we aren’t all collectively too stuffed to the gills with Turkey and Ham to even focus on the flatscreen in the corner.  Anyway, until then heres the shiny trailer thats causing all the fuss – enjoy!

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