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WATCH: The first four minutes of Bryan Fuller’s sci-fi Telemovie High Moon

September 9th, 2014 by Dave Bowling Comments

Syfy passed on Bryan Fuller’s High Moon pilot earlier this year. Now, however, the channel is repackaging the 90-minute opener as a TV movie.

A preview of the first four minutes has just been released (below).

An adaptation of John Christopher’s 1969 novel The Lotus Caves, High Moon is set in a future in which the countries of Earth have established colonies on the moon to mine its resources, but chaos soon erupts when a new life form is discovered.

Jim Danger Gray, formerly of Pushing Daisies, has penned the script. The cast includes Parenthood‘s Jonathan Tucker, Easy A‘s Jake Sandvig and 24‘s Chris Diamantopoulos.

The pilot will screen on 15 September on Syfy US.

Source: TV Line

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