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Will the season finale of Clone Wars answer questions about Ahsoka’s future?

March 1st, 2013 by Christopher Williams 2 Comments

The mystery behind Ahsoka’s final fate past the Clone Wars deepens as we brace ourselves for this week’s season finale. Ahsoka has been on the run after being framed for multiple acts of violence and murder she didn’t commit. After finally being captured last week she will be standing trail for those crimes.

Well, the folks at were blessed with an exclusive clip for this week’s finale, which shows the Jedi Council debating on whether to back up their young Jedi, or feed her to the lions. Though the clip is unshareable, it seems the Jedi will not be having Ahsoka’s back. I have to say, I am so upset by this that it I could scream. How do you not support a fellow Jedi to the bitter end? I know that Jedi are not supposed to have attachments, and this could be a perfect example why, but it seems crazy that they would not back up someone who they have known since she was a little kid, someone who they watched grow up to become a great Jedi.

Ahsoka has been one of the most mysterious characters in the Star Wars Universe as I have previously stated, you can’t find any info on her past the latest Clone Wars episode. We have no clue whether she survives Order 66 or not. While we don’t know her final fate, Dave Filoni, supervising director, said when speaking to Blastr, that whatever does happen to Ahsoka will inspire “dramatic change” and “poses interesting questions” about these characters going forward.

The speculation is that whatever does happen may be partial inspiration for Anakin’s turn to the darkside, but I have stated before, what I want more than anything is to Ahsoka turn as well and continue her dark adventures through another season or quite possibly the Star Wars Expanded Universe. If everyone that taught me, trained me and raised me turned their collective backs on me, better believe I would trade my green lightsaber in for a red one.

Filoni also goes on to give us some hope that the Clone Wars may be back for a sixth season, stating, “Fans just have to be patient. Disney fully understands the love that people have for the universe of Star Wars…You might see a company name on a person’s business card, but that doesn’t mean they’re not also passionate about stories and love Star Wars as much as you do. I have friends at Disney who are excited and proud about buying Star Wars. All of that makes me very confident.”

Though I can’t share the video clip, you can go to here and check it out for yourself.

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