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Yahoo Screen closes down meaning the future of many shows, including Community, is now almost certainly over

January 5th, 2016 by Jonathan Snelling Comments

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Television is one of the most changing mediums in the modern world. In the past it was only the television stations that could give us television programmes. This expanded with the rise of cable and satellite channels but the future of television is likely to be digital.

Video streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Now TV etc and catch up tv sites such as All 4 and BBC iPlayer all share the same idea of television anywhere. It’s a feature many companies have taken up. Yet it is also a feature that many have failed to achieve.

Yahoo Screen, the streaming site from everyone’s once ‘favourite’ search engine has suffered this fate. The streaming service suffered significant losses in 2015 even though it was the home of the new Community series. The loss of $42 million is an amount so significant that it forced Yahoo to rethink their plan. The new plan is simple, the closure of the site.

Yahoo officially announced yesterday that they were closing the streaming service for good.

It made clear that while no new programmes will be made or streamed, all their previous content will still exist. With this news we can safely say that although Community season 6 will not phase out of existence, any future hope for #sixseasonsandamovie is all but finished. What will happen to the show is unclear. However, creator Dan Harmon told THR back in October that the future was bleak.

Season 6 ended with all the characters saying goodbye and going their separate ways and, in my opinion, if it truly is the end, it’s not a bad way to end it. The video below, although edited, shows the scene in question and it’s one that tugs at the feels of those who loved Community.

Community had its fare share of ups and downs. Season 1 to 3 redefined the genre but everything changed after that. Producer Dan Harmon was forced out for season 4 and Community saw its inevitable downfall starting to begin. Upon his return in season 5 I had hopes for it to continue but with the cancelation and move to Yahoo, I knew it was unlikely to survive.

Let’s remember the words of Frankie in that last scene: “I think everyone should imagine their own personal version of season 7.”

Even though it was likely Yahoo’s most recognisable programme there were many others associated with the streaming service that now have uncertain futures. The Yahoo original series’ Sin City Saints and Other Space are both left paddling in rough waters after the announcement. All three programmes were unable to connect to audiences in a profitable way and ultimately left Yahoo with the inevitability of cancelation.

Although Yahoo is the first major casualty of the ‘war of the streaming’, it’s not the first to have seen a failure. If it weren’t for Amazon buying and completely rebranding LoveFilm back in 2011, it’s likely that would have suffered the same fate. It seems in this deadly and fractious war no one is safe.

We wait to hear more on the future of Yahoo’s programmes and of Community.


Source: Screenrant

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