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BAFTA Talk: Games Question Time

December 4th, 2013 by Susan Comments

Live in London and interested about discussing the next-gen consoles, development within the games industry and/or the current trends and issues affecting it?

If so, you may be interested in going to BAFTA’s talk ‘Games Question Time’, which will have a panel of experts ready to talk about these topics. It’s on Wednesday 11th December at 7pm. Tickets are still available, and is free to members, but is also open to the public for £5.

Here is the list for the Panel:

Shahid Ahmad

Senior Business Development Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Debbie Bestwick

Owner of Team 17, developers of Worms, Superfrog and the Alien Breed series.

Team 17 website:

Mike Bithell

Indie developer and creator of Thomas Was Alone.
Currently £1.49 on Steam till 3
rd December:

Roberta Lucca

Co-founder of Bossa Studios, known for Surgeon Simulator 2013 and currently developing Merlin The Game.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 is currently £3.49 on Steam till 3rd December:

Andy Payne

CEO of Mastertronic & Chairman of Ukie.

Keith Stuart

Games and Technology journalist, who writes for The Guardian and Edge Magazine.

For more info and to book tickets:

If there’s any questions you want to ask the panel, submit them here:,3971,BA.html

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