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Doctor Who Legacy 3.0 Features Major New Additions

July 3rd, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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So, we’re big fans of Doctor Who here at FTN (for obvious and numerous reasons) so when we heard about the mobile game Doctor Who Legacy, we jumped on board. The game is pure Doctor Who, featuring every Doctor, and nearly every companion, in a bejeweled style game that you can pick up and put down any time you want.

Well now, the third major addition to the game, more or less Legacy 3.0, is going to feature some welcome additions, along with some cool new stories and modes! All of which comes this August!

“3.0 brings players the “Sonic Adventures” story arc, led by the First Doctor and which includes beloved characters Donna Noble, Mickey Smith, River Song, and the introduction of the Third Doctor’s companion, Jo Grant and which will find players collecting many of the sonic devices and gadgets from over the years of Doctor Who.

Another major feature of 3.0 is the addition of “Doctor Who: Legacy Kids”, a special dedicated area for the youngest Doctor Who fans, inspired by the popular “Anna’s Playground” levels which we created for the child of one of our fans.”

But that’s not all! Much like last year with Series/Season 8, new content will be added to Doctor Who Legacy with each new episode!

“As with Season 8 in 2014, the team is currently working closely with the BBC Doctor Who brand team and BBC Worldwide to prepare for the new series with plans to release allies, costumes, enemies and levels based around the upcoming tv season the same weekend as the new episode airs. ”

As someone who has played Doctor Who Legacy A LOT, I totally recommend it. You can play it on your phone, tablet, computer, anywhere you want FOR FREE! And again, this is a true Doctor Who experience. So if you’re a Whovian? Check out this title.

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