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Pac-Man World Record Smashed

November 20th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

So you are walking along the London Dockside with your sweetheart in hand and suddenly a big yellow head looms at you, scoffing his way towards you. When you turn around a big red ghost stares at you… Could only be one thing, either you have lost it or you have stumbled onto the Gadget Show’s world record attempt.

With help from Namco Bandai Games the popular Channel 5 show ‘The Gadget Show’ attempted to beat the world record for ‘The Largest Architectural Projection mapped Game’ (I know Guiness are mental), they not only beat the world record but smashed it to pieces. The game stood 2,219 meters squared which is double the previous record.
The game was also controlled using a comical giant retro joystick from across the river.

The show will air on Channel 5 on 9th December 2013 at 8pm

check out the PR text and photos below:

“To celebrate the 2014 launch of PAC MAN and the Ghostly Adventures, Channel 5’s The Gadget Show has broken the World Record for the largest playable game projection on London’s Victoria Dock building for its 250th episode which airs on 9th December at 8pm.”



“This is another important moment in history for the biggest character in gaming. PAC-MAN has inspired a generation of people across the world, with the highest awareness rate globally we are pleased to be bringing PAC-MAN back with ‘PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures’ – Games need to be seen as a fun past time and having the most popular mascot back on the screens for a new generation of kids as well as parents that grew up playing PAC-MAN is very exciting. A TV show on Disney XD, video game, toy range, kids clothes and other superb stuff will be gracing the shelves of retailers over the coming few months”


Lee Kirton Namco Bandai Games PR & Marketing Director

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