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Star Wars Battlefront 2 is coming… and it’ll have single player campaigns!

December 31st, 2016 by Jonathan Snelling Comments

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In 2004 Star Wars Battlefront for Playstation 2 was released. It was around during the releases of the previous Star Wars trilogy of episodes I, II and III. The success of the game was phenomenal and it quickly became the best-selling Star Wars game of all time.

It naturally no longer holds this title, but there are few Star Wars games that have caused audiences so much hype and joy. Its sequel, Star wars battlefront 2, was n’ as well received, yet still a fun game all the same.
One of the key aspects of these games were the single player modes and multi-player modes. Players could go through a single player campaign, go co-op with their friends or fully online in an epic battle arena. The versatility of the game was fantastic and helped it achieve great praise from fans.

So jump to 11 years later in 2015 when it was confirmed that a new version of Star Wars Battlefront would be released prior to the Star Wars Episode VII, the hype train naturally became filled with all manner of people wanting to play it.

Yet soon after its release people realised something: the game was very limited, not as versatile and, more importantly, didn’t have any form of single player mode, apart from some small missions. The essence of the past was no longer there.

The game became one of the best-selling games of 2015 and at first did spectacularly well with user reviews. Yet after a few weeks people realised that it seemed rushed and unfinished. There is no denying that the visuals were fantastic and the game play was fun, but being forced to play multi-player all the time seemed to be its downfall.

Next year, sees the release of Star Wars episode VIII and, like its predecessor, it seems that this film will also be released along with a new battlefront. Star wars Battlefront 2 is set for release in the autumn period of next year. Whether it’s more of an apology or just a recognition of its need, the new game WILL come with a story mode.

Paul Keslin a producer for DICE, the developers of Battlefront, was recently interviewed by Eurogamer and had this to say: “Myself, as a Star Wars fan, I want story, I want narrative, I want something I can play that immerses me in that world but gives me something to follow and chase… We don’t want it where single player isn’t that great but multiplayer has this great thing and isn’t connected.”

It’s amazing how this wasn’t thought up a year ago.

To give it credit, the thing the battlefront game has been able to do is adapt and expand into the new universe of the franchise. Not long after Episode VII’s release an expansion was released featuring Jakku, the desert planet from the film.

Titled ‘The Battle of Jakku’ it allowed us to play as the rebels or the imperials in the great battle that took place before the start of The Force Awakens. Yet even this was just an extra map and adapted game option online, no story campaign at all. I would have loved to actually fight in Jakku as a campaign, I’m sure many people would have.

So when I say I’m not energised for a new expansion you can understand why. The new expansion focuses on the battle of Scariff, as seen in the recent film Star Wars: Rogue One. The film’s battle scene was fantastic, with the characters taking part in a battle both on land and in space. This is a feature that the DLC has actually used, and a new battle mode will also be released, giving us the ability to fight in space or on the planet.

Yet, this still does not show us any inclination of a story mode and this naturally means that if, like me, you’re not the best at gun games, your experience in the big time battles will be spent dying more than playing.

Are you excited at the idea of a campaign mode in battlefront? Let us know…

Source: Gamerant

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