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January 16th, 2015 by Andrew McCarroll Comments

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Welcome to the first 2dcast of 2015!!!! Were kicking off the new year experimenting with some new segments and the first of these is Sacred Cows , in which we examine a beloved favorite( in any format) and determine if it is deserving of its lofty standing.

The pilot for this travesty, is the classic Spiderman and His Amazing Friends. We invite you to watch the Episode ” A Firestar is Born” and then join in on our expert analysis. We would appreciate your feedback on this so please let us know your thoughts on the segment at 2dcast@gmail .com or on the Facebook page.

Watch A Firestar Is Born here:

Elsewhere on the episode we discuss the recent batch of trailers, enquire as to how your mother is and a whole punch of LISTENER QUESTIONS !!!!!!

Download or listen here

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Andrew McCarroll never quite built on the dizzying career heights that he hit at 6 years old, when as a member of the “Ghostbusters” he would charge his neighbours to remove any unwanted spectres. Now retired from slaying spooks, he spends his time obsessing over superheroes (especially Batman) and devouring shows like Dexter, Game of Thrones and Archer in a manner that would make Galactus proud. You can follow his rants on twitter @andymc1983