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Long out of print Judge Dredd novels make a comeback

August 16th, 2015 by Paddy Comments


Judge Dredd fans will be delighted to hear that novels of the character, that have been out of print since the 90s, are now available again due to popular demand.

“While we’re normally quite busy printing words WITH pictures, during the halcyon days of the 1990s Judge Dredd actually had his very own series of novels, published through Virgin Books,” said a spokesperson for 2000AD.

Long since out of print, we’re very pleased to be bringing these forgotten tomes into the 21st Century by releasing them as a series of ebooks.

 “From finding himself in a dimension where Judge Caligula rules over New Rome to being on the run in the Cursed Earth, this salvo of Dredd-lit is perfect for anyone wanting a bit more meat to their future lawman stories, readers can delve deeper into Ol’ Stony Face’s world with 300 pages than the usual six in 2000 AD.”

The list of titles includes:
Dread Dominion by Stephen Marley
The Savage Amusement by David Bishop
Death Masques by Dave Stone
Dreddlocked by Stephen Marley
Cursed Earth Asylum by David Bishop
The Medusa Seed by Dave Stone
The Hundredfold Problem by John Grant
Silencer by David Bishop
Wetworks by Dave Stone

All the titles above are now available through Amazon for Kindle.

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