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Batman learned who The Joker really is…

July 17th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


If you haven’t read Justice League #42 then… SPOILERS!

…but we didn’t!!!!!

Ok, in Justice League #42, Batman took possession of the Mobieus chair, formerly sat upon by Metron. Anyway, with Batman in the chair, he was able to see EVERYTHING that the chair had recorded. So he could ask any question…want to guess which two he asked first? First, who killed his parents? And then…



Yep, he went there. He “knows”…but we don’t!!! Nope, we were not told his identity. Which no doubt will cause the fans to wonder why DC did this other than teasing us royally!!!!

Cause you have to wonder where this takes place in continuity, cause many believe it takes place BEFORE the recent DC overhaul. Which you can see via the outfits of the League members. Also, Endgame showed that Batman DOES NOT know Joker’s identity…so why does this happen?

Most likely, he’ll lose this knowledge before the end of the Darkseid War, leaving a hole where it was. So why do this??? Only Geoff Johns knows.

Source: io9

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