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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: FTN reviews IDW’s Ghostbusters International #1

January 25th, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Story Writer: Erik Burnham
Penciler: Dan Schoening
Colorist: Luis Antonio Delgado
It feels like we’re on the edge of the Ghostbusters returning to the hearts and minds of mass popular culture once the new Hollywood blockbuster lands on screens later this year. But ask anyone who knows their comics and they’ll tell you that they never really left the forefront of a reader’s attention.

But this isn’t some half baked rehash, reimagining the original premise of the characters; what IDW are doing are advancing the stories of Peter, Ray, Winston and Egon far beyond what’s come before, appealing to fans and welcoming newcomers at every turn. This IS Ghostbusters, as you know them, and something wonderfully new all at once.

What we have here is an excellent jumping on point, at the start of a brand new adventure. Carrying on from the excellent crossover run of “Ghostbusters: Get Real” and 2015’s annual, the team are looking to get things back to normal… or however close to normal it can be for these guys.

And how else would you expect this to start but with the lads getting called in because of “a little situation.” Just like old times. The “little” situation involves a spirit at the United Nations building in Manhattan. Politics may be murder, but dealing with the ghosts left behind is just another day at the office (or out of the firehouse) for the Ghostbusters.

Though taking care of business, the chaps are left curious about a spectral ensemble that gathered around them, and vanished just as quickly. Not only that, but an eyebrow is raised at the mysterious generosity of Erland Vinter, who picks up the tab for the job.

With Egon getting taken out of action, and a cliffhanger business proposition being passed on to the remaining Busters from Vinter, the wheels are truly in motion for the start of what should be another entertaining, gripping Ghostbusters series.

Well played, IDW, still on top form.

4 out of 5 Nerds

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