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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews All New X-Men #1

November 16th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils by Stuart Immonen

When it comes to my sci-fi, it takes one of two things to get me board, parallel universes or exploring time travel paradoxes (unless its called Star Wars of course). These are two areas the X-Men always seem to plunge into which is what makes them my favorite Marvel characters. When All-New X-Men was announced I salivated over all the possibilities. How will past Cyclops deal with his future self’s killing of Xavier? How will Jean handle the fact that she’s died a bunch of times? What happens if they meet Cable? Though it’s only the first issue so we don’t get much of that yet, I still am digging this book.

Cyclops is on a mission to recruit the new mutants to his revolution. The X-Men ponder how to deal with Cyclops garnering a new army. Discussing how a young Cyclops would beat some sense into his older self, Beast decides to make it happen.

Since this is a first issue, Bendis has to set up the premise of the book so there’s not a lot of action yet. There were however some very interesting moments, like a furless Henry McCoy meeting his beasty self. We also get introduced to two new mutants via Cyclops’s recruiting drive. Since there are a few stories at play here the pacing of the book was a bit quick so that we get to the good stuff by the end. Even with the fast pace I’ll still wish they could’ve pushed the end a bit more. I would’ve liked to see the young X-Men at least make it to present time at the end of the book, maybe if a sub plot had been shaved or introduced in a later issue, but I can’t complain because this first issue is still a good book. My only concern is that with so many sub plots at play here I would hate to the main premise of the book get bogged down. I also find the idea of Magneto being led by Cyclops as if Magneto were almost being led by himself from a few years ago before Nation X.

The art also delivers here as well. Seeing the younger X-Men was great. Even though they were out of costume, I still got that First Class sense of nostalgia. The attention to detail was also nice to see here with great facial expressions and all the little pockets and things that Beast is sporting. The colors were also quite brilliant and vibrant, feeling at times that they were jumping off the page.

Overall this was a good way to kick off the series. My mind is still swimming with possibilities, and I know that after reading Spider-Men, if anyone can deliver its Bendis. If you’re an X fan, than this book will be a must.

4 out 5 nerds
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