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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Batman: The Dark Knight #23.4, Joker’s Daughter

September 27th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Writer: Ann Nocenti

Artist: Georges Jeanty

Publisher: DC Comics

Was I expecting something more? Probably not, and while this is still a pretty good story, it almost followed the same recipe as the Ventriloquist. However the “Joker’s Daughter” one shot this week still had some pretty interesting aspects to it.

This is probably the Villain book a lot of people have been asking questions about and for good reason, who is the Joker’s Daughter? Since her debut in Catwoman and her picture used in marketing campaigns within the books themselves, it seemed as though DC was ramping her up to be one of the most important installments of the Villains Month gimmick. What we got was a story of both how she came to power in the Gotham Underground as well as how she came to be all together. We are also treated to the back-story behind her mask. Is it really the Joker’s face, which we last saw at the end of Death of the Family?

These questions for the most part are indeed answered in one way or another. We do see how she became the person she is today and how while she may claim her life was one way we see how it was the complete opposite. Much like in the earlier Ventriloquist book, it seems we are to come to the conclusion that these characters are mentally psychotic and revel in the pain and disfigurement they had gone through, to the point of loving every moment of murder and self-inflicted hardship they had endured.

The main tale of how she came to lead one of the tribes of the underground is explained in pretty good detail and we get to see what the world looks like to Duela (yes folks her first name is still Duela though sorry to say no mention of “Dent” as a last). Her views are very one sided to say the least and she actually has good points to back it up which in a world of chaos is pretty refreshing. So her hostile takeover as it were is set in motion.

While the story I think needed a little work, it actually was not that bad, in fact it was a good read. The look into a new character’s psyche is refreshing and really she is probably the one villain in villain’s month we don’t know much about. How has she been changed from previous versions, how did she come to be and how does she play into the whole world of “Forever Evil”? Guess we will have to do what I will and that is read Catwoman to find out.

With a good story and actually very good art from writer Ann Nocenti and artist Georges Jeanty, this may not be the best book of the month but it is worth the pickup. Especially if you are interested to see how she ties into the Joker and why she was able to accomplish what she did. There are specific reasons that are explained and ones that may have you think about the larger world of Gotham as a whole.

4 out of 5 nerds


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