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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Batman/Superman #2

July 26th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Writer: Greg Pak

Artist: Jae Lee

Publisher: DC Comics

The arc continues as we now see where a younger Bruce was sent to on Earth 2. We also continue to explore this version of the supporting cast with the Kents, Selina Kyle, Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, the Earth 2 Batman and Superman and the villain, Kaiyo the Trickster.

There was a small fear in the back of my mind that after the hype and glory of the first issue, the next wouldn’t hold up. I’m happy to say I was so very wrong. This book is just as spectacular. I couldn’t help but smile as the two Bruces and Clarks interacted with each other. While they’re on another planet, there’s still that little hint of time travel. Greg Pak does an amazing job of matching the personalities of each hero, and giving them those little differences that comes with age and experience so you can tell that it’s more than just different universes. This is Bruce and Clark as young men and experienced heroes. One part that really struck me was how the younger Clark went through this whirlwind of emotions from seeing his parents again to seeing Wonder Woman fly in on the horse. I kind of just wanted to hug him, much like Martha Kent did, despite her son and husband’s protests. Also, Selina and Lois’s quips at their men made me laugh, what fierce ladies.

Jae Lee’s art continues to awe, and something that really stuck with me was his focus on the eyes. The page of panels with Bruce speaking, when the elder Bruce asks what his father used to read him as a child, and the younger Bruce answering, has this underlying sadness in both men’s faces. Ridiculously subtle, and such a quiet moment with the muted colors, I think I stared at those two panels for a good three minutes before continuing.

My only problem was I felt that the use of silhouette was a little overdone. While effective in most of the book, I was a little bummed when, in the two pages paralleling the two Bruces and Clarks getting to know each other, the Bruces eating dinner was drawn out, while the Clarks with their mother was outlines only. With those not being the same style through each comparing panel, it took away from the point of that section.

The title continues to live up to its original hype, and now with the villain ousted, in a way, by Earth 2’s Wonder Woman, I can’t see what’s in store next. Quadruple team up, anyone?

4.5 out of 5 nerds


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