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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Batman/Superman #5

November 7th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Writer: Greg Pak

Artist: Brett Booth

Published by: DC Comics

The start of a new arc brings us back to the present, where the superbros don’t really seem to be acting like superbros at all. And, oh hey Nightwing! How’s it shaking?

Pak starts completely fresh with this storyline, so even if you missed the first arc, you can jump right into this issue without confusion. I still love his characterization of these two legends, even when they’re arguing or being pouty at each other. And can we officially nickname him Bruce ‘Sassypants’ Wayne? Because that is all he is and it’s pretty awesome.

The storyline was interesting, though I felt potentially a little gimmicky, what with Arkham Origins just coming out and the release of those new gaming consoles soon. Regardless, it was quirky and an interesting lead-up to what the actual problem was. And I really like how it messed with your brain. That bit with Nightwing was probably my favorite, but in a…sad way? At first I though, oh Nightwing’s back in Gotham! Wait, isn’t he in Chicago? And still angry with Bruce for what went down recently? And…wasn’t he kidnapped or something? And even if they’re mad at each other, or it’s not a real situation such as here, it secretly breaks my heart to see any Bat-fam member versus Bat-fam member.

But the storyline definitely kept you on your toes, and that made it a whole lot of fun to read.

The art really made me smile in this one. Booth’s art is a type I really like seeing, and the style of this issue really worked to his strengths, props to him, though, for real. All those horizontal pages had to have taken forever, and they all look absolutely great. I sort of fell in love with Clark’s raggedy trench coat, became reminiscent to Booth’s short-tenure on the actual Nightwing title, and the gamer bubbles! Those were the absolute best. You can really tell he had fun with those, and they were fun to watch move through the somewhat serious story.

We didn’t leave Bruce in a very good way at the ending. Of course him and his sassy-self would get shot in defense of someone else. Will best-friend-forever Clark get there in time? I hope so, and with a huge ‘I told you so!’ to boot.

4 out of 5 nerds


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