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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Damian: Son of Batman #2

December 4th, 2013 by Sarah Barclay Comments

Writer & Artist: Andy Kubert

Published by DC Comics

Hey so…remember my review of issue #1? Yeah, literally throw everything I said in it in terms of theories out the window. Recall that I asked how Dick and Damian’s relationship in this alternate universe was. Well, as it turns out, it was completely peachy. That is, until it was, in fact, Dick who was blown up at the docks, as opposed to Bruce like, I’m going to guess basically everyone who read that issue, previously thought.

Bruce, meanwhile, is none too happy with what his son is doing in the wake of their family member’s death, and goes to the Cave to put a stop to it. You can imagine that went over well. I’ve gotta say, Bruce. You really need to work on your consoling skills.

Not entirely sure I feel about some of the characterization in this one though. As angry as Bruce is, I don’t think he would go straight to beating the living daylights out of his son, ESPECIALLY right after they both lost someone so dear to them. Also, I don’t see Alfred lashing out at Damian like he did. But Damian’s logic and his own bullheadedness are pretty spot on, even if the dialogue might have been a little weird at points.

I’m finding that I really enjoy the confession scenes. I hope that’s something that is in the last two issues of this series as well. I like how it kind of slows the pace of the story a little, that it isn’t all just action and mystery and testosterone and even shows a little bit of emotion. Artistically, these are some of my favorite pages as well. Kubert’s use of reflection and shadows is fantastic, and Brad Anderson does steller, both and this part and throughout the whole issue.

Most of the art is okay, with some awesome stand out panels and spreads. I’m just not a huge fan of some of Kubert’s facial work. However, I did like the page of Damian looking at Dick’s (I’m assuming) Batman costume. There’s always something ridiculously powerful about silent pages, you know? Damian’s Batsuit is always wonderful.

This issue was a little odd, and not quite there, but I’m still really enjoying this series and can’t wait how our brat wonder gets himself out of his current mess!

3.5 out of 5 nerds

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