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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Joshua Black #2

August 28th, 2013 by Spin Dash Comments

Writers: Martin Dunn with Ashley Olien

Pencils by: J.T. Hurst

Inked by: Matt Storer

Colors by: Jeremy Caulderon

Publisher: Con Artist Entertainment

What would you do if you found out you were the last of a bloodline? Even more important, what would you do if that bloodline was God’s?

This is exactly what is asked in Con Artist Entertainments new series “Joshua Black”.

Let me give a little back story about what took place in issue 1. Joshua Black, our main protagonist, has what can only be described as a horrible life. He is bullied not only by the more popular kids at school but he also has to deal with the fact that his father is an abusive alcoholic due to the death of Joshua’s mother eleven years earlier. The only ones in Joshua’s life that are not complete jerks are his best friend Pete and his girlfriend Tracy, but even they can’t save him when his father goes berserk and punches him so hard he falls and breaks his neck when he lands on the bath tub.

Now this is where issue 2 picks up and from the start we are given the question what would you do to have the life you always wanted?

Issue 2 is where we start to understand whom and what Joshua actually is and what his role in the grand scheme of life will be. Joshua is, to put it in the most understandable terms, the last scion. He is the one who will inherit the throne of heaven and rule as God. Pretty cut and dry for sure, but you have to ask yourself how would you react to this news. A kid in high school who suddenly finds out from two angels (Michael and Samael) that you will have a role to play in the apocalypse right after you cause something to happen to the guy who has bullied you your entire life. I think you would react the same way Joshua does, not believing any of this is truly happening.

While Joshua does go through all the normal stages we have seen before of a kid not wanting to accept this burden of responsibility, we are treated to my favorite part of the issue, a visit from the Devil and his Succubus daughter. This part of the book was in my opinion the best part, you see how the Devil is everywhere and how he follows those he knows could be turned and used to his advantage. Throw in his, for lack of a better term, naked horned (as in horns) red skinned daughter and you get what I feel is the best dialogue in the book. You truly feel this is Satan and you really come to understand he has plans for Joshua. Add in his daughter whom I feel is going to be a key player in this series and you get the best-put together pages of the issue. Truly you don’t want to miss this part.

The writing of the issue is pretty genius if I do say so myself. Writers Martin Dunn and Ashley Olien do a fantastic job of portraying what the characters are truly about and waste no time in letting you know what is to come. The only bit I feel was a bit off was as an American reader I was unfamiliar with some of the British slang being used from the Angels. Luckily being that Joshua is also American, they do explain what the slang means. This was fantastic because it does not alienate readers who are unfamiliar with the dialect and allows anyone to pick it up and understand.

I also enjoyed how each character has such a unique personality to them. From the Angels to the Succubus you are treated to something different from each. While some books you read portray Angels and Demons in a certain way and are very cookie cutter, these deities have their own methods and personalities. Whether it is the lustful and as she puts it “original feminist” ways of Levetica to the astonishment we see from Michael as he sees what people are wearing in this time, each brings something new to the story. Now the one person’s personality I am most excited to see in upcoming issues is Jesus himself, who we are introduced to in the last panel. I can’t wait to see what the writers do with him.

The art is superb with the use of different techniques and colors throughout the issue. It truly is something that will capture your optical senses. Once again one of my favorite parts is with the Devil and his daughter and I am chomping at the bit to get more from these two characters.

All in all Joshua Black Issue 2 is a great read and truly something fun. While taking a concept that has been around awhile, the creative team have put their own distinct spin on it and given it a life of its own. They make you want to know what will happen next and have created characters that you really want to read more of. This is a series that if you are a fan of supernatural forces and the self-discovery of someone who has been given powers beyond comprehension. Don’t miss out on this new series that has this reviewer spellbound.

4.5 out of 5 nerds


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