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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1

October 10th, 2013 by Spin Dash Comments

Writer: Matt Kindt

Artist: Marco Rudy

Colorist: Val Staples

Publisher: Marvel

For those who have been hoping to have Peter Parker back in the red and blue suit, you have finally gotten their wish…in a manner of speaking. This week Marvel rolled out the newest title in its Marvel Knights series with Marvel Knights Spider-Man and the only word I can use to describe this start of the limited series is TRIPPY!

Peter finds himself inside what can be described as the Addam’s Family house where he is subjected to some of the most mind-boggling and surreal terrors that have been in a comic book recently. I admit I had to re-read this book to get what was going on because there was a lot all happening at once. Not to mention there was text all over the pages and I tried to read every little thing that was there. Nonetheless, from the onset with an appearance from Madame Web, Spidey is thrown deep down the rabbit hole and has to contend with some of Marvel’s classic horror characters.

Jack ‘O’ Lantern, Morbius, Man-Wolf and Frankenstein’s Monster all make appearances in this issue and each looks completely different from what we are used to, but each is still portrayed as terrifying. All this and Peter trying to figure out what is going on, leads to the climax of the issue where a villain who Marvel seems to be bringing back a lot these days informs the Web Head that he must face 99 of the worst villains ever. This is intriguing because who could these 99 possibly be. We have already seen four if they are to be counted, but who are the others and who will we see over this limited series run?

Matt Kindt has taken us on a trippy, otherworldly adventure in the first issue that hits you hard right from the get go. Hopefully he can keep it up and it can build through the next issues and lead to an ending that will be satisfying for Spidey and Parker fans. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up the level of awe if you have put it all in one issue but let’s hope Kindt can keep the momentum going into the subsequent installments. It was also pretty clever of Kindt to use backwards text in some of the boxes and I know I enjoyed reading them, I just hope others don’t see it a tedious or a waste.

The real selling point for this issue however has to be the art by Marco Rudy. This book has so many different motifs it’s uncanny. From realism to abstract to downright creepy, Rudy seems to change up the art style on every page and no two look alike. The way he has drawn characters like Morbius and Frankenstein’s monster are so vastly different from what you are accustomed to seeing that it truly does give you an eerie feeling that makes you wonder what is actually going on in this story. Add in the coloring by Val Staples and you get once again so many different styles to this issue. From bright colors to dark charcoal like drawings, this is a book that will overload your optical receptors in that fun good way that makes you hope this team stays together for the entire series.

For those who are waiting for Pete to return in Superior, you may have to wait longer, but until that time I highly recommend picking up Marvel Knights Spider-Man for a fun, trippy adventure that will have you wishing you had some of the pages to put framed on your wall.

4.5 out of 5 nerds


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The guru of Sonic, the master of Spin, Spin Dash has been a comic fan since his parents bought him a Masters of the Universe book from Star comics as a kid. A fan of all things "geek", he is well versed in Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who and anything else having to deal with things he wishes were real. Co-Host of Panel 2 Panel and creator of Spin Dash Productions, he is always on the go, whether with his day job (sitting in a cubicle) or spending time with his wife and 2 kids. He hopes to bring the people of Nerdtopia all he has to give and to entertain the masses! Follow him on Twitter @spindashreview.