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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Mega Man #32

December 14th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Writer: Ian Flynn

Pencils: Mike Cavallaro

Inks: Gary Martin

Colors: Matt Herms

Publisher: Archie Comics

The conclusion to the Curse of Ra Moon is here!

 Mega Man has been battling a very hard fought battle against Ra Moon and the robot masters whom he is controlling. Finally inside the stronghold of the sentient entity it is the final battle that pits the Blue Bomber and those who stand with him against Ra Moon and his robot masters. Add in the now Ra Moon controlled Dr. Wily creation known as Ra Thor and the odds do not fare well for our hero.

Mega Man is running out of energy and is using every trick he can think of to try and take down the mighty and impervious Ra Thor. Using various weapons he acquires from the other robots he throws literally everything he has at the massive machine to no avail. It is not until he lets it all loose in what seems to be using multiple weapons at once that he is finally able to topple the mighty foe. However Ra Moon is not done yet as he has one more trick up his sleeve, namely the Ra Devil! A Ra Moon controlled version of the classic Mega Man villain the Yellow Devil this creation is invulnerable and nothing our hero does seems to be able to make a dent. That is until he units with his enemy Wily in one final last ditch effort.

But will this effort be the end of Rock?

Ian Flynn has done it again and I really don’t know what to say as I have said it all before. Flynn writes not only this title but Sonic the Hedgehog which all you FTNers know is my favorite comic of all time. His ability to take these characters from video games I played as a kid and bring them to life in new and amazing ways is just mind blowing. I have seen him write things for Rock that I think none of us have ever thought of seeing such as the Super Mega Man from the Worlds Collide saga and in this one a Mega Man with two Mega Busters. Yes TWO MEGA BUSTERS!!

This issue I think may actually be a turning point in the Mega Man franchise. We actually see Wily and Rock working together to take down this massive threat to the world and not only that we actually see Wily praise Rock for his efforts. I think we finally see that Wily isn’t as cold hearted as he always seems and may in this issue alone actually finally acknowledge the work and brilliance of Dr. Light. It is something to behold to read that Mega Man knows he is going to die and he gives Wily his last wish but then to actually see Wily follow through on it truly was something I never thought I would see. I thought towards the end the book was going to show us something along the lines of Wily reprogramming Rock but that was not the case. We actually see him do what was asked of him and I think that may lead into something great in further issues.

The art and colors are once again top notch and exactly what you would expect from a book in the Archie Adventure Series. Even if you never picked up a Mega Man book before they let you know what is going on and who everyone is. I can’t say enough about how fantastic this title is and how since I started reading it I have been hooked.

I always say that Archie has some fantastic titles that while they may seem to be kid’s books they are actually great action adventure stories. There is so much character depth in them that a lot of the time they are better than what we are getting from the big two. With that I think Mega Man is a book that everyone should at least give a try and I am sure you all will love it like I do.

So from Spin to all of you I give the ending to the Curse of Ra Moon Saga a Mega Busting

5 out of 5 nerds

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