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COMIC REVIEW: FTN Reviews Sex Criminals #2

October 24th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Writer: Matt Fraction

Artist: Chip Zdarsky

Published by Image Comics

Boy meets girl, boy sleeps with girl, boy finds out girl has the same ability he does: the ability to stop time once the deed is done.

If you thought the first issue of Matt Fractions new book Sex Criminals was a delightful romp through the self discovery of a girl realizing that when she finishes her “me” time that she can stop time all together, then you are in for a treat with Issue #2. The comedy, the adult humor, and of course the time stoppage is all still there from issue #1, but with a different twist.

While in the first issue we were given the journey of self discovery from the view point of Suzie and how she tried to learn and understand what was happening to her. This issue we are getting the story from the side of John, the guy Suzie hooked up with, and discovered he had the same ability that she does. Let me tell you the stories are night and day. While Suzie hit the books and tried to find the rhyme and reason to what was going on with her, John takes a more “guy” like approach to figuring out his new talent.

We get a look at a young boy who was bullied, harassed, and beaten up. He discovers a nude photo in the woods and proceeds into his first foray into self gratification. Comedic in its telling with the narration and constant interruptions of Suzie asking questions makes for a pretty hilarious look at what some would think vulgar. John soon realizes his hidden talent and like all responsible young men he does what most people would do, use the stoppage of time to go to a sex shop and pull off crazy antics. From mixing up the tapes to trying some of the novelty items, John goes a completely different route than Suzie did and it really is a good look at the different ways people with the same issue handle themselves.

It is also hilarious as to what the two name this state of being they find themselves in, while Suzie goes a sophisticated route with naming it the “Quiet”, John goes for a more crude name that really shows the inner workings of the male and female mind. We also find that while Suzie’s “Quiet” ends after a period of time, as long as John is not ready to “Go Again”, he can stay in his world for as long as he wants. Though it is funny to see what he goes through once he is in the shop to get ready again. Oh the hilarity runs rampant page after page. It is truly fantastic to read the narration and while they are talking about sex and self gratification, they do it in such a way that it is not too obscene and is actually still an enjoying read.

Questions do arise however from the get go:

Who are the people in white who are able to move around in the “Quiet” and are after them?

Why did they decide to rob a bank?

And most importantly….WHY DOES IT GLOW!!!

Matt Fraction has not dipped in quality from issue #1 to issue #2. He has kept the humor and fantasy of this book and the breaking of the 4th wall that I found one of the best parts of the first outing. He has something up his sleeve for this series and I can’t wait to see what it is.

Could there be a whole task force of people with the sexual time stoppage ability that are there to deal with those who use the power for criminal actions?

What is this power and will it ever be explained?

Only time will tell on this one folks but I assure you it will be fun to unravel the inner workings once we get there.

I must also discuss the pages that follow the story. The letters to the writer pages are chalked full of questions from fans and readers. Some are very risqué but still pretty hilarious to read, especially one I read that asked how to get Reeses Pieces in a certain area to imitate one of the positions from the first issue. Don’t bypass these letters because they are funny as hell and the responses are even more hilarious. Though I am worried that one of the titles for next issue is Pooping, I don’t know what we are going to get!

So From Spin to You I give this Issue of Sex Criminals

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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